Sunday, 10 July 2011

All day quilting day

So yesterday, after massive amounts of organisation, pleading, wheedling, promises and hugs, I got to spend my entire day (ten am to ten pm) with my quilting group, sewing.  No kids, no meals to prepare, just pure, unadulterated sewing. 

I worked like a mad woman, and finished the behemouth now known as Bears Paw Quilt No. 1, plus its little friend, Bears Paw Quilt No. 2.  When I was sorting out what I needed to take to my group, I realised that should I finish my quilt at 7 blocks by 7 blocks as was the original plan, it would be so big it could be seen from space.  So I've now made it 6 x 6, which meant I had enough for a littler version.

This is a photo of the littler version.  I don't know that I could find a place big enough to photograph the larger one. 

I've still got to put an outer border of half square triangles on it.  I think that would look okay.  That's my plan for this week.  So please check back to see how it progresses.

Till next time,

Happy Quilting!

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