Monday 22 June 2020

Show and tell - Rainbow socks!

Hi lovely readers.

I'm feeling quite irritable today, so I looked through my draft posts to show you something cheery, to remind myself that I shouldn't be irritable.

No great dramas here really, a few sad behind the scenes things are happening (always there are sad behind the scenes things, but this is my happy place hopefully).

Its cold and drizzly, and South Australia is 'back', so that means all the demands on my time are back.  Which is all fine, but makes me grumpy sometimes.  

If the covid virus has shown me one thing, it's shown me that I really would love to be a hermit, and only do things that I want to do, when I want to do them.

However that's not how life works, and so I'm back to the grindstone again.  It is what it is, I guess.

So here's my rainbow socks!

The yarn is quite scratchy, and I haven't worn them yet for that reason.  I need to buy some woolmix and try to soften them, and hopefully that will sort the problem.  Other than that I don't know what to do to make them not itchy.  I'll have to google it.

How are things with you?  Are you grumpy like me?  Perhaps it's just the weather.

I'll be back in better humour another day, with luck!


  1. Your sox are very cheery, so hope you feel better. I know there are a lot of people who have enjoyed the isolation and not having to go here and there. I hope to try not to go back to that, but then I don't have children to ferry here and there.

    1. Thanks Jude! I think I'm a hermit at heart, always have been.

  2. Love the socks! I am with you.....being "stuck" at home has made me very productive in the craft department. I amazed myself on just how much I got done.

    1. Hi Mimi! I wish I had achieved a little more in lockdown - good for you for getting some stuff done!