Wednesday 17 June 2020

Using up scraps

Hello lovely readers.

I'm still struggling with this new interface, though I'm sure it must have its benefits, otherwise why bother?

It's a cold, foggy day today and it's just the day to snuggle under a lovely crochet blanket and watch television.  However, that's not how I'll be spending my day, sadly.  Lots of jobs to do.  Always jobs to do.

I had a bag of small pieces of yard, all a chunky ply that didn't play well with other plies.  Couldn't quite bring myself to chuck it out so I crocheted up a hodgepodged hat that I'll donate.  Hopefully someone will get some use from it.

Looks okay, really.  As with all my caps, it looks hideous on me but there you go.

Happy crafting, lovely readers!


  1. I'm not a hat person, but that is lovely...I'm sure someone will appreciate your efforts.