Friday 8 February 2019

More monsters

Hello lovely readers.

I've been plodding along with my monsters, little by little.

My time has been limited at home this week, what with school walking and canteen and all the dance.  I was hoping next week would be better but it's not shaping up that way either.  And to top it all off I've been diving head first back into my family research which just sucks up free time like you wouldn't believe (but it's soooo much fun!)

I cut out 150 or so squares for the sashing, and as I finished sewing I realised I have to cut another 200 more.  So that's this afternoon's job, when I finish talking to you guys.

I think this little man may be my favourite.  He's a sweet little monster.

Things are all well and good here in my neck of the woods.  Tomorrow's Saturday, and apart from Miss Teenager having a party to go to that I have to drive her to, I have no real commitments, and neither does my husband.  So for once, we might all be able to spend some time together IN THE SAME ROOM!  Gasp!

Have a lovely weekend!

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