Friday 23 February 2018

Catching Up

So I finally have a good week where I’m home most of the time and I can sew and update my blog and do all the fun things, and my computer is playing up.


It’s working but it’s certainly telling me that it’s time to get another laptop.  We only have one currently and as Eldest Girl is now in highschool, if we lost this one (and I know it’s on it’s way out) we’d BOTH be stuck!

I have been sewing:

Photo 23-2-18, 9 39 10 am

Photo 23-2-18, 9 39 13 am

Photo 23-2-18, 9 39 16 am

It’s not real big – I don’t have enough of these lovely little florals to do much more, but I think I’m going to hand quilt it and it’ll be a nice table centre for one of my Singer machines.

I also finished this:

Photo 23-2-18, 9 48 03 am

Which is displayed so lovely over the ironing board, but I need to get it pressed properly before I can hang it up to take a better photo.  It’s going to be quilted straight away and used for our bedroom – not anytime soon as temps are still way over 35 right now (and I’m finding myself in ‘that’ time of life where heating and warmth is not needed!).

Photo 23-2-18, 4 19 34 pm

And I’ve pulled out a UFO from the cupboard.  So it’s been a productive week!

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  1. Computers are a love hate relationship...... Nice projects......