Thursday 1 February 2018

Back to normal

So it’s not 45 degrees anymore, it’s a lovely 25 degrees and we are all enjoying it.  Let’s hope it hangs around for awhile (though it’s summer and I guess it’s meant to be hot).

Both girls are back at school now, and we are trying hard to get into our new routine.  My first baby started high-school this week which means an earlier start all round.  She’s very disciplined, she gets up early and is ready to go on time but I really struggle with the whole early morning thing.  Already my week seems to be booking up, but as I keep reminding myself, the day will come when they don’t need me to fetch and carry, and I suspect I shall miss that, so I fetch and carry for now, and mostly do it without complaint.

I’ve had some time to sew, mostly hand quilting which seems to be exceptionally slow-going at the moment with very little to show.  I have been sewing my star quilt:

2018-02-01 09.41.35

2018-02-01 09.41.42

I’ve decided I need to add more to the outer edge so that I don’t have the points of a star on the edge of the border – which means I will need to cut more squares. 

I’ve also been doing some handpiecing after dinner:

2018-02-01 09.41.12

2018-02-01 09.41.20

I was in a Millenium swap years ago (duh, Suzie – 18 years ago) and I’ve got lots of these concord prints left over, and this is the way I chose to put them together.  I am enjoying it, it’s mindless sewing which is sometimes all I need after a busy day.  I’ve enough to make a small lap quilt, hopefully.

Hope you are all well, and enjoying some quilting time!


  1. Hi Susie you have done some beautiful work,love those stars and it's also relaxing doing EPP xx

  2. Looking at you EPP project is like a trip down memory lane..... I recognise so many of those prints & probably still have them in my stash! Love your work