Wednesday, 25 October 2017

A bonus quilt flimsy

Photo 2-10-17, 9 45 35 am

0Photo 2-10-17, 9 45 43 am

Photo 2-10-17, 9 45 48 am (1)

Photo 2-10-17, 9 45 53 am

Photo 2-10-17, 9 46 00 am

A fair while ago, I had a lot of units left over from the world’s biggest Pioneer Braid.  I didn’t enjoy making that quilt one little bit, and then to add insult to injury my very toilet trained cat peed on it when it was a flimsy.  You may remember that wonderful day.

What to do with all the leftovers?  Seemed a shame to have them languish.  So I stitched them up real quick into a very simple scrap quilt and it worked a treat!

I’ll probably donate it. 

Heck, you know me.  It’ll be folded up and put in the flimsy bag.  Just like the other million.


  1. How good is it when you get an extra quilt from the leftovers! Great result.

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