Thursday 16 February 2017

Seeing Stars V2

In a hurry, in a hurry so a quick post to show you the latest version of the star quilt.




I had some stars left over from the original star quilt I donated (and instantly grieved over – why did I donate such a lovely quilt??) so I decided to make myself another one. 

Our group had a sewing day on Tuesday and so I managed to get all the borders on, and all the blocks trimmed.

Now I just have to stitch them into rows and then the rows into blocks and it’s done!

Such a quick, easy quilt.   If I have time I might do a tutorial.  We’ll see.

This week has been a much, much cooler one (thank God!), we lost a couple of shrubs in the garden but overall the damage has been minimal.  I still have a tree full of peaches (want some peaches? I have many!) so that’s worked out awesome too. 

Hopefully the worst of the heatwave is over, we were lucky this year that we had a day of rain on the Monday before that wet everything down so bushfires weren’t a risk, at least here in my part of the country.  Other parts haven’t fared so well, but that’s summer in Australia for you!

Have a lovely one, and I’ll see you soon.

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  1. I love those stars - I can see why you wanted a quilt of them for yourself! Our weather has changed slightly too, thank goodness!