Friday, 4 March 2016

Hot stuff

How is it going in your part of the world? I'm doing my motherly thing again, waiting for children to finish whatever activity their busy social lives have led them to.  

Currently it's netball training which is insane because it's a 40 degree day and if you know anything about netball, you would know it's a winter sport.  It's at least being held in a gym today- I wouldn't be letting my kids be running around outside on this hot, hot day.

Because it's forty degrees I have been knitting.  That is what one does on very hot day.  I've managed to finish it apart from the stitching up..

Can you guess what it is?  Obviously it's a hat.

I know, not obvious at all.  Hopefully it will end and I will look every bit as chic as the model wearing it.  Shall have to wait and see.

I shall be off now, children are ready.  Hopefully some quilting shots will be on the blog tomorrow.  I have been busy cutting out baskets.  Should look delicious!

See you later!

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