Thursday, 3 March 2016

An update

So - not much has been happening in the quilting side of my life, sadly.  I wish I had more time. More time for everything.  That seems to be my mantra at the moment.

Perhaps I should wish for a better time management system.  That might work better!  Or at least stay off line.  That sucks up too much of my day, I find.

I did sort through my very (oh so very) many UFO's and found a whole pile of flying geese that I had stitched together in grand plans of making some sort of row by row.  They were left over from another quilt, which is finished, and I had too many flying geese to throw out.  I seem to have all these leftovers, that grow to become other leftovers, and so on, and so on.  

Anyway, the row by row plans didn't work.  I couldn't make it fit the way I wanted to without doing a heck of a lot more quilting, and also I hadn't trimmed the excess triangles off the back of the flying geese, and they were so bulky.  It's been put away for years waiting for me to think of something clever to do with it.  So I bit the bullet, unpicked them, trimmed off the backs and this is where it's currently sitting.  I think I am going to sash each one with cream (though perhaps not as big as I have used here) and maybe sash them again with individual pastel colours.  That's the plan for now, we shall wait and see.

Truly craptastic photo.  I am no good at phone photos.

Whilst I was sorting through the never ending pile of UFO's, I found another box filled with leftover half square triangles.  Interestingly, at the same time I saw Bonnie Hunter's latest post, and she had made the most lovely little basket block.  So I flagrantly copied her (I sure hope she doesn't mind) and made one of my own.

Loving this one silly.  Points all match and everything!  I think it'll finish at eight inches, I haven't measured it.

I counted up my half squares and I have enough for at least fifty blocks.  I thought it might be a good 'leader and ender' project for me, and I'll rid myself of another box from the pile.

The pile is kinda, sorta manageable at the moment.  I have far too much wool to ever use in my lifetime but I do love to knit at night.  If I could only stop buying the wool in the first place, that would be such a good start.

(I shan't tell you what I have ordered via Ebay the other day - wool from Mongolia - literally, Outer Mongolia.  It's only three balls and it will be a scarfey/wrap thing for cold days watching netball games.  And it's glorious!  But buying wool from Ebay is a Very Bad Idea for me, goodness only knows where it would end).

In other news, we are neck deep in organising a very big day for our local quilting group - a regional day for local quilters, and it's our turn to host it.  We are having 250 quilting ladies (and perhaps some men!) visit, stay for lunch and entertainment through out the day.  We've been organising it for a year and we are now two weeks away.  I've been the secretary for our organising committee and I feel like all I've done this past few months is IQD (international quilting day) stuff.  I'll be so glad when it's over.  I'll be sure to post lots of pictures for you to look at.

I'm hoping my life might settle a little bit after that but I'm not optimistic.  My time will fill up with other stuff, that's the way it always happens.  I'm not really complaining - I'm lucky to have many interests that fill my life but sometimes, I just wish it would slow down!

Anyway, that's my update, lovely readers.  I hope to be a bit more forthcoming when I can stitch a little bit more and give you pretty things to look at.

Have a good one!



  1. Would love to know where your international quilting day will be held and does one have to register for the event?

  2. Hi Valda

    Our day is booked out, I think. Where abouts are you? Email me your address to mine ( and I can fill you in.

  3. Live in the mallee near swan hill.

    1. Hi Valda

      Our day is being held in the Riverland. If you send me your email address privately I am happy to share more details, but I do think it's full already. Thanks again.

  4. Te felicito la cesta de pat preciosa, y los hexágonos me gustan mucho.
    un abrazo