Thursday 20 November 2014

Busy Busy Little Bee

Hi lovely readers.

Again, I’ve disappeared from blog view. 

You know how you have a list of jobs to do and every day you think ‘Right.  Today is the day I’m going to … (insert random action here)’ and when you’re laying in bed at night you think ‘Oh darn it, I didn’t to … (random action) again today’?

I wish I could say it’s just the blog that I’m doing that with, but it’s life in general.  Is it the time of year?  Or is it just my momentous lack of organisational skills?  I suspect it’s both.

I know you are all in the same boat.  I don’t even work away from home.  My hat is off to those of you with full time, away from home jobs.  My sister in law is one of them.  Has a twelve hour a day job, two kids, both of whom are busy little beavers that need ferrying around, and she still finds time to exercise each morning. 

But me?  Not so much of the organising.

Enough of the whining.  I have photos to show you





Don’t you just love love love jacarandas? 

They grow everywhere here.  Each street is lined with them and the blossom is like nature’s confetti.  We have two in our garden, both of which we planted when they were little.  They are not native to Australia but they sure as heck should be because they look so darn beautiful.


We have one of the oldest suspension bridges in Australia and twice a day it lifts up to allow boat traffic underneath.  We went on a night time boat ride a few weeks ago and went under it.  It was lit up so pretty.  I do not confess to being any sort of photographer but this picture kind of worked out, so in it goes.


I love our river.  Love it.





We don’t have your classical ‘flowery’ garden.  My husband doesn’t do flowers very much. He’s a keep it need kind of guy in the garden, and flowers don’t behave as they should.  But I went out for a walk in the garden the other day and found so many great photo opportunities, and I realised that once you have a really good look, there is such prettiness everywhere.

And so there you go, a little update from me.   I’ve got some quilting posts that I’m working on, so hopefully we shall go back to our regularly scheduled programme.  But with Christmas coming up, I’m not promising anything.

Have a great day!


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  1. Stunning photos of the flowers! You can feed me flower photos any day LOL. Jacarandas are everywhere around here, popping up between the branches of the green trees, lining roads, and in gardens. Very pretty. I don't think you are alone in finding yourself running out of time. I haven't managed much of anything for weeks now. Get to read a few blogs now and then, and comment sometimes too. I find writing a post takes ages, so what works for me is to get a few drafts up, with just the photos I want to show in the post. Then every so often when I have 15 minutes, I pick one and add a bit of text, then some more another day, until it is done, and then I post it. Works OK for me mostly.