Friday 28 November 2014

Blue Mystery Quilt

I think I may have shown you this quilt before, but in my quest to label/document/photograph all my quilts, I’ve got a better photo.


This was a mystery quilt our guild did last year, I think (gee whiz time goes fast)…


You can’t lose with a blue and white quilt.  I’ve not seen one I didn’t like.  They always work.  This was a really simple quilt, it’s all the same block and it’s just the way the colours are placed that makes it work.


I can’t give you the pattern as it wasn’t mine, but trust me – it’s just the one block and it’s repeated over and over.  If you do a google image search on ‘Signature Quilt Block’ you’ll find it over and over again in all manner of quilt designs, it’s just the placement of your fabric that make it this quilt.  It’s a very clever little block.




Two posts in one day!  My gosh, I’m on a roll. 

Are you freaking out about Christmas yet?  I am.  Have I started planning?  Nope.  Have I brought anything yet?  Nope.  Not through any laziness on my behalf, just a stunning lack of organisation that seems to surround me at the moment.  Our kids get of school soon and they have all of summer off, so chances to shop child free are quickly running out.  One child has asked for a toy that I’ve never heard of, never seen before and can’t find online, so goodness only knows what she really means!  The other child wants an Iphone.  All she wants is an Iphone.  She is nine.  She ain’t getting an Iphone.

I don’t have an Iphone.  She has no chance.

Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely, if you celebrated it. 

Happy Quilting


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