Monday 4 August 2014

What Do You Suppose?

A little bit more of show and tell from the vaults for you.


This is one of my designs, requested for Australian magazine ‘Homespun’.  I was asked to design a small wall hanging, and this is what I came up with.


Some days the designs just flow really easily.  This was an easy one both to design and make.  I loved the flowers hanging over his head – they looked good to me.


No sooner had I designed this wall hanging the bee buttons became unavailable.  That was life in the shop – trying to make designs different, but generic enough to be able to be substituted if the design took off.  Companies are always discontinuing fabrics, buttons, colours – it sure made life interesting when we tried to make quilts.


I tended to follow a bit of a formula with my wall hangings – bit of applique, bit of stitchery, bit of sewing – all easy enough for a beginner.



I made a matching rabbit wall hanging too – I’ll try and dig it up so I can show you that as well.

Hope you had a quilting weekend!