Wednesday 30 July 2014

Show And Tell–Wash Day

One of the first Australian quilting magazines was Australian Patchwork and Quilting.  For the longest time I brought every issue that came out.  I don't buy magazines any more, I have so many that I can't fit them on the five shelf bookshelf I specifically brought for that purpose.  

I made quite a few out of those magazines, including this one by an Australian designer called Tita Leach.


Tita Leach was (is?) an Australian quilt designer who seemed to specialise in the country style of quilts and wall hangings.   Much like The Chook Shed ladies, her designs were cute and whimsical and often included three dimensional aspects, like the quilts here hanging on the line.


I was heavily into the country style of quilting when I was younger.  It's so far from where I am now that I haven't made this sort of thing for years, but I did love it back in the olden days.


I'm not sure if she still designs patterns, I've looked for a webpage or a blog but I can't find one.  I find it hard to remember not all of us are so hooked up to the internet.


This is very, very obviously one of my earliest quilts, so don't look too quickly at my finishing off.


That red around the border of the heart quilt - hands down my most favourite fabric in the whole world.  Even back then, the reproduction fabrics were calling out to me.


Quite a dinky little butterfly button on this one.


These sunflowers were actually quite difficult to make, the threads kept raveling from the wadding inside the flowers making it look quite messy.


And tadah! The finished quilt.  I've a feeling I have forgotten to stitch some birds on the tree stumps - I vaguely recall that there were some on there.  But I'm going to call this one done.


I reckon I made this at least fifteen years ago, probably longer than that.  It's nice to actually have her up on the wall, getting a bit of an airing - even if only for a short time while I photograph it.

And that's all for now, hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

Happy Quilting!


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