Saturday, 26 July 2014

Autumn Splendour

Part of my cataloging all of my finished projects includes their photography.  It's so much easier to pick a half dozen or so on a quiet morning, iron them all nicely, and photograph them all in the one go. 

I try to post a draft blog entry for everything as I photograph them, because I am easily confused about what I've done and not done.  Which is why you've seen some of my quilts before.  But this time it seems to be working - the trick is to isolate the quilts that you've done, so that you're not sticking them back in the undone pile (which is what was happening before).

Consequently, I have a load of draft posts that I would like to clear from this account.  And that means showing you lots of show and tell.  No one has told me they minded yet, so I'm guessing you're all okay with that.

And this is another one that I may have shown you before.  I was asked to make a small table runner for a quilting magazine, and this is what I came up with.


My table runners seem to follow a theme.  Easy to piece, Small, skinny border, little bit of applique, larger outer border.  All my designs were made when we were at the shop, and they served a dual purpose.  I needed to be able to sell them later as quilts, and it was not easy to write instructions for them, so the easier the design, the better.




Consequently, I have many small table runners floating about the house.  The funny thing is, I don't use table runners at all these days.  Maybe that's because I have grotty children right now, but maybe it's because they're just not the 'in thing' these days.  Who knows?

Anyway, hope you like this one.  It's called Autumn Splendour, really only called that because it was vaguely autumn toned!

Happy quilting!


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