Monday, 24 June 2013

Long Time No Quilt

Hi lovely readers.

To say the last few weeks have been a bit crappy would be an understatement.  Trying to guide two little people through a grief that they really don’t understand, but feel is pretty jolly hard.  Added to that my own feelings – and it’s been a fairly hard time to get through.

But get through it we do. 

The quilting, much as the whole lifestyle, has been pretty haphazard.  I’m working a bit on one thing, then moving to another.  Blaming it on grief is too easy – it’s the way I’ve always been!  But I have some photos to show you that I have actually put needle in fabric.

176 (2)

This was a half done shop sample.  It is half done no more!  Flimsy away!

100 (2)

A while ago, I got stuck into my baskets.  After plodding through, I’m happy to say it’s a flimsy!  Flimsy away!

So two flimsies gone now.  Another two in the cupboard.  What will I do with them all?

I’m still half plodding along with technology issues, I have my laptop back but now I can’t load Livewriter on it, and my desktop won’t accept the photo card, so it’s still a little bit fiddly.  But all first world problems, I think. 

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, I hope you’re all warm and comfortable if you need to be, or cool and laid back if you need to be that too.

Happy quilting!


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