Monday, 14 May 2012

Ready for a mystery quilt?

So I’ve been a little sneaky.  I’ve done a mystery quilt.  It’s my first, and I did it as a combination of just wanting to try something new for the blog, and also to get to know how to use Electric Quilt.  It worked out really well, and so I invite you to join along in the…….

Calm Blue Ocean Mystery Quilt Logo

The name came about because at the time I was designing this quilt, I was having multiple problems with both the laptop I was working on, and my machine.  I needed the lap top for the Electric Quilt and instructions, and I needed the machine for sewing the jolly quilt! 

I found myself doing lots of deep breathing and walking away and thinking of nice, calming things, like a Calm Blue Ocean.  

Calm Blue Ocean.  Deep breath.  Calm Blue Ocean.

Anyway, I loved doing this design.  I’m thrilled to my toes with the finished result of it.  It’s been quilted by my very fabulous (and free) long arm machine quilter who also happens to be my mother. 

I even made the logo myself. Clever old thing.

I plan to release the new instalments every two weeks, unless you all talk me into doing it weekly.  It’s not hard, not at all.  It isn’t as intense as Bonnie Hunter’s tend to be but there is a lot of piecing, all rotary cut, no applique.  It’s broken up into small steps, and each step is well and truly achievable in a day or so. 

So are you ready?  I’ll post a schedule in a day or so, but tell your friends, make sure you click on the follow me button and let’s have some fun!

(Bountiful Bouquet is still going strong of course, but a mystery is always so much fun!).



  1. Whoo hoo! Just so happens my LQS is having a great sale. What better reason so buy fabric. Can't wait to start!
    Karen in NE Indiana

  2. Just one you need EQ to do the quilt? I don't have it and honestly can't afford it. I would be interested but could be stuck. Thanks!

  3. Hi ladies .. Thanks for your interest. Definitely DON'T need EQ, it's just what I used to design it.