Saturday, 22 October 2011

Local Quilt Show

The group I belong to is having its annual quilting show this weekend. 

I'd give my eye teeth to spend some time there, by myself, all along, without children.   The group is manning the exhibition for eight hours today and tomorrow and the idea of being with like minded people for a whole eight hours is just too tempting.

But, I'm by myself this weekend, so I've had to take my two little people along with me this morning and have a quick run around.  Can anyone tell me why seemingly well behaved childen act like - well I can't really tell you politely how they were acting except to say many a hard word was said between clenched teeth 'I will NOT TELL YOU AGAIN....'   They ran between the quilts, playing hide and seek - the amount of Very. Bad. Looks. I was getting from others, I can't begin to tell you.  We didn't stay long.

It wasn't their finest moment but I think I can put it down to their familiarity with quilts.  We have them everywhere, on the walls, on the beds.  There's always one or two in the sewing room in various stages and to them, a quilt is just one of those everyday things.  Great for making cubby houses or for wrapping yourself around on a cold day. 

I took a few photos, in between wrangling children.  

There were plenty more, but it all got a little too hard and I left, children in two, to go home and have naps.

I might see if I can pop in tomorrow for a little bit more quilt-love.

Till then,



  1. oh you poor thing - as mum of two boys who both have AHDH I have had many an outing like that - it is just no fun is it! Hopefully you cna sneak in tomorrow - use bribery - it just might give you a bit more time.

  2. Thank you for sharing those beautiful quilts.
    I hope you get to go again tomorrow....and it is a little quieter for you!

  3. They showed some wonderful quilts

  4. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing.