Monday, 8 August 2011

Show and Tell

I'm actually pretty proud of myself.  The things that blogging forces you to learn in relation to the computer is pretty terrific.  Till now, I've been taking photos, editing them in Picasa, saving them, writing a blog post, adding them in and then publishing the post.  Lots of steps and difficult at times. 

Turns out I can eliminate half of those steps by publishing a blog entry directly from Picasa.  The internet is clever.  Clever, clever internet.

So this is the quilt that I made for my daughter, that was supposed to have yesterday's block included in it.  But the maths got too hard with all those squares, and fitting that block in was like trying to fit a square peg in a round holl, so I just finished it off.  Her room is done in these pretty pastel colours (she's only little) and the box of leftovers is getting pretty grim now.  Which is a good thing, but I need to finish a few outstanding UFO's (like yesterday's) before the box runs out totally.

You can see I've taken her name off from the quilt.  I want her to make her own decisions about how much information is out there about her online, not me.  Hopefully it will be years before that decision needs to be made, because she is far too little to know about computers (though she totally knows how to play with the Ipad, let me tell you).

Tomorrow my other little person is at kindy so I will have a blissful child free morning.  I could use it to clean the bathroom, but more than likely I will get stuck into the UFO box.  Which means, hopefully another blog post to show you tomorrow night!

Till then, happy quilting.


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