Tuesday, 9 August 2011

More Pastels

When my daughter was born, I cut a swag of pastel fabrics to make her a wall quilt. I kept all the bits of fabric that were left over in a bag.  It was a big bag, admittedly.  And I have just kept on making quilts from the leftover fabrics.  This is another one of the quilts I made from the same original fabrics.  It's amazing just how many quilts you can make from one bag of fabric. 

That would be a good challenge to have one day, wouldn't it?  A bag of fabric, and the winner is the person who can make the most projects from it.  With the least amount of leftover.

My bag is fairly empty now, and I have lots more quilts to show you that I made from it.  But this is just a little one, from a Chook Shed design.  I made many, many Chook Shed designs over the years.  I suspect a lot of us Aussies did.

More tomorrow,

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