Tuesday 7 June 2011

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are the best.  I generally get to sleep in (the DH and I have an arrangement - he has Saturday mornings, I have Sunday mornings).  One daughter goes out, DH is generally out in the garden, and little DD is generally out following him. 

So I get my time. 

Mostly it's filled up with folding, washing, tidying.  But I do love to get a cup of coffee and surf some of the quilting blogs.

I generally follow a theme.  I'm currently madly into reproduction blogs, and my lordy there are loads of them.  I'm in awe of these ladies and their piecing skills. 

While I had a little time to myself, I took the opportunity to stitch up the latest month of the Civil War Quilt by Barbara Brackman.  This one was called Illinois Roads.  I've made three.  I have a lot of catching up to do!

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