Friday, 30 July 2021

An update - such as it is

Hi lovely readers, if there are any left out there.

Don't you hate it when bloggers disappear off the planet with no reason?

I'm apparently one of those bloggers now.

I'll be back one day, I hope.  But for now, with all that this 2020/2021 is throwing at us, the blog has been just a little too hard.  It's hard to keep up a quilting blog when there is no quilting happening.

I hope next year will be easier on all of us, and I will feel refreshed and renewed enough to keep writing and sewing.  

Happy quilting!


  1. I love your blog and always visited it....sorry, I'm brazilian girl and my english is horrible. Mas eu amo seu blog e desejo que vc fique bem e volte logo com seus lindos quilts

  2. Only just found silly goose quilts I enjoyed what I saw sorry to see your gone. Best of luck for the future. 🤞

  3. Goodluck.....2021 just going further down the Gurgler but I have scraped in some time to sew and get my mind in a better place.....