Thursday, 27 February 2020

058 A Finish To Show You - Teacher Gift

Being one of the few mums who sews at school and probably the only one who quilts, I sometimes get asked to do something special for a gift.

A few years ago, I made this special quilt for a teacher who was expecting.  

Obviously they liked what I did because they asked me again to make another one for another teacher.  Lots of babies at that school.

I was given a very strict colour palette, which is always a little hard because I don't love working with fabric colours that don't really do it for me.  But always up for a challenge, this is the design we came up with.

And here it is in progress

Coming together okay.  They liked the progress photos so I got to putting the whole thing together.

The best part of the whole quilt is as always, the designs the kids do.

Loving the advise a six year old gives a grown up:

And here is the final result.  I'm happy with it, and the teacher loved it, apparently.  So all good!

It's funny how their little minds work.  Unless you physically separate them, they'll all look over each other's shoulders and copy each other.  Despite telling them NOT to.  They will do just as they please.

So a finish and a giveaway, all in one.  Job well done, I think.

See you soon!


  1. Wow!! This is so wonderful and I am sure it will be treasured by the teacher. Well done!!!

    1. Thanks so much! I hope she did like it, it's always a bit nerve wracking when you make something 'on consignment' (though I wasn't paid, of course!)