Saturday, 20 January 2018

More than ten minutes today!

Lucky me, I got sewing for longer than ten minutes today!

Photo 20-1-18, 3 44 41 pm

It’s coming along quite nicely really.

It’s been so, so hot here = over 44 for three days and no sign of let up tomorrow.  What else can a sensible girl do but stay inside and sew?

Monday, 15 January 2018

Today’s ten minute sewing

I managed to get into my sewing room today and do my small bit of sewing:

Photo 15-1-18, 6 44 43 pm

Admittedly it doesn’t look too special up against that background but I’m avoiding sewing my blocks into rows just yet.

My daughters also did ten minutes of sewing today.

Photo 15-1-18, 3 16 00 pm

Good thing it’s only homespun.

I think my lesson on how to make best use of fabric got missed, somehow.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Hot Stuff

It’s going to be another hot day today, so I’ve closed the house up and done my tidying nice and early.  I get to spend time in the sewing room today!

I’ve been inspired by other posts around the web about doing ten minutes of sewing a day, and have managed to start a new project (silly me!)

Photo 10-1-18, 10 29 29 am

Not the world’s best photo but you can see where I am going with it.  I’m hoping my star centres won’t be quite so white when I stitch them together.  But it is what it is.

Being summer, our fruit trees are going gangbusters.  This is our nectarine tree.

Photo 10-1-18, 7 19 21 pm

Yes, all lovely in size but what you can’t see from that photo is this:

Photo 10-1-18, 7 19 36 pm

Photo 10-1-18, 7 19 07 pm

Photo 10-1-18, 7 18 59 pm

Poor little tree is heaving with fruit.  A lot of them are being picked today as my aunt is going to dry them for me (bless her), but I felt the need to share those photos with you.  Just to brag a little!

Summer, whilst hot and horrible weather wise, gives us the best summer fruits, and I always feel a profound sense of guilt when I can’t make use of every last piece.  So drying is the logical choice.

I’ll show you the finished result when I can.

See you soon!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

She’s Back In Town!


It’s been nearly a month!  How quickly time flies.

We’ve had a big (huge) Christmas/holiday so far.  We went from here:

2017-12-01 14.27.29

through here:

2018-01-03 12.00.27

to here:

2017-12-27 11.36.35

and back again!

I don’t like posting from the road when we are away – we live in a small town and I suppose I’m not keen on letting people know the house is empty, go help yourselves while we are gone (I’ve never understood that!).  We’ve been back a week now and life is returning slowly to normal, we have three more weeks of summer holidays and then it’s back to the school routine.

Miss Eldest Daughter starts high school this year and when we were invited to spend Christmas with family in Coogee, Sydney, we decided it would be a great way to round off her primary school days with a special holiday.  We never go away at Christmas, most of our family is here and anyway, travelling at Christmas time is always mental but we took the plunge this year.

2017-12-24 08.24.49

We drove, which wasn’t for the feint hearted because it took close to two days and it was miles and miles and miles of this:

2017-12-24 08.25.04

And that is actually one of the more interesting photos I took out of the window on the first day.  Australia is a BIG place, which many, many interesting things to see along the way, but none of them are located between our house and our first stop of the night, West Wyalong.

(I know there are really, but crossing the Hay Plains via Mildura is very, very flat, and grey, and no trees!)

2017-12-24 12.10.16

Eventually, we started seeing scenery like this:

2017-12-24 12.11.13

2017-12-24 12.11.22

Which we all agreed was much more interesting, even if DH very nearly caused us to run out of petrol because ‘you don’t need to keep reminding me to get petrol’ turned into ‘why didn’t you remind me to get petrol?’.

For those of you who don’t know Sydney, there are many little coves along the shoreline of the inner-ish city, including most famously Bondi Beach.  Bondi is very, very popular and therefore very, very busy.  Our family member used to live at Coogee which is five minutes down the road, and has much more of a village feel, so that’s where we stayed.

We got to look at views like this most days:

2017-12-26 11.07.59

2017-12-26 12.26.51

Which is not too shabby, really.  Sydney is stupidly expensive to live in, our taxi driver told us that our apartment we were renting would be worth $2 million alone, so whilst it’s an excellent place to visit, I just couldn’t afford to live there and I don’t know how young families manage.

But Sydney sure is beautiful.

We took a bus into town most days, and did the touristy things, including the mandatory trip on a Sydney ferry.  Sydney in Summer over Christmas/New Years was full to overflowing with tourists, and whilst everyone was very, very nice, this little country mouse did feel a bit overwhelmed at times.  I am very much a stay at home girl, I believe.

2017-12-27 09.52.13

2017-12-27 09.52.28

2017-12-27 09.53.29

2017-12-27 09.57.11

2017-12-27 10.26.52

2017-12-27 10.32.03

We were lucky enough to be given tickets to Taronga Zoo for Christmas, which was awesome, it’s been thirty years since I last went. 

2017-12-28 10.05.03

2017-12-28 10.49.03

Also visited the Sydney Aquarium, and saw this lovely Dugong – she was a show stealer, I must tell you.

2017-12-28 11.47.07

And we found Nemo!

2017-12-28 13.37.49

We took a stroll through the Queen Victoria Building which was very, very nice.  We have a similar one in Adelaide, the Adelaide Arcade.  Again – chockas full of people.  So many people.  People, people, people.

2017-12-28 18.23.12

We were also shouted tickets to the Cricket at the Sydney Cricket Ground which was smaller than I imagined – you see these things on television and they seem so expansive, the SCG was lovely (for a cricket ground!)

2017-12-29 14.44.41

2017-12-29 15.14.40

Everywhere you turn in the centre of Sydney are amazing, old buildings – lovely green trees.  I really was impressed.

2017-12-31 20.49.22

2017-12-31 20.48.53

On New Year’s Eve we watched the 9.30 fireworks with a few of our closest friends at Coogee Beach. 

(then we went home and I went to bed because I am old and then I was woken up by the Sydney Harbour fireworks at midnight – couldn’t see them but my gosh, could you hear them!  I was never going to try and watch them in real life, 1.5 million people go into the heart of the city and that was just wayyyyy too many for me! but I did end up watching them on tellie, while listening to them outside).

2018-01-04 13.47.00-1

And then twelve more hours of driving, driving, driving seeing grey, brown, tan (it’s summer, there is no green right now) and then we were back here:

2017-12-15 20.06.11

And all is right with the world.

We had two weeks away in the end, which I realised was the longest I have been on holidays with the DH and kids EVER.

And we loved our time away, it was truly lovely.  And one day we’ll go back, this time to stay right in the heart of Sydney so we can do all the inner touristy things.  But we’ll go back in the winter, and when it’s not school holidays.  That’s the plan at least.

I hope you had an excellent Christmas/New Year’s break, I hope you’ve all been sewing and inventing – and I shall see you soon!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

two weeks to go

This is the contents of my handbag:

Photo 8-12-17, 9 17 11 am

Coincidentally, it is also the state of my brain.

But while I have all my balls in the air right now, I’m juggling very well and feeling on top of life.  Just don’t have time to sew, which is a real bugger.  But soon!

We do have a tree!

Photo 4-12-17, 7 56 58 am

So much kerfuffle this year in trying to get the stand to hold her up.  The one we had was handmade, and the trunk on this beauty wasn’t going to fit by hook or by crook.  Eventually, the very lovely people at the Christmas Farm gave us theirs to use, and she’s up and about.

Photo 6-12-17, 5 44 58 pm

With most of her gladrags on (there is room for so much more but the girls got bored and perhaps so did I).

Photo 10-12-17, 1 28 30 pm

And now with her bling and some lights.  All is well in the world, the tree is done!

I hope you are enjoying this time – I’m not sure if I can pop in before the New Year, so I might say my Merry Christmas’ now and with luck, I’ll be back as soon as I can in the New Year to document my very productive 2018. 

We shall see!

Love to all!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Dyeing to show you

Or is that dying to show you? 

My girls (one of them, at least) needs a disco costume for her school concert.  She found this picture:

Image result for disco costume tiedied

And after much consultation and negotiation, and design input, we have come up with this:

Photo 2-12-17, 5 41 45 pm

Trust me, it is a dress.  I’m not going to show you her in it, I’m not into showing the kids online if I can help it.  It was a white men’s teeshirt before we died it.  With a little help from the Dyeing Queen (Nanna) this is what they ended up with.  I think it’s amazing!

And because we had so much dye left over, we had a shot at another teeshirt, just for fun.

Photo 2-12-17, 5 40 30 pm

And my other daughter also had a go:

Photo 2-12-17, 5 41 11 pm

It’s amazing how different they all are – they both followed Nanna’s directions to the letter.  I think they look amazing! 

Saturday, 2 December 2017


Photo 19-10-17, 7 29 36 pm

It’s that time of year again, when life is turning to thoughts of Christmas and life’s speed goes up a notch.  I’ve got to tell you, I’m struggling to find time to blog at the moment, much as I want to. 

I hope next year to be a more consistent blogger, it’s an important part of my life and I miss it when I don’t do it.  I hate coming in here and telling you busy busy blah blah blah over and over again, it’s just boring to read!

But for now, I’m just going to hope I can share with you as much as I can, and if that means it’s not till next year then I’m just going to have to suck that up and get on with it.  I do have a lot of saved blog posts, perhaps I’ll share them and clear them out of that particular folder– you might find them interesting, I don’t know.

I leave you now with another panorama shot that clever clogs (aka no. 1 daughter) caught the other night.  She has the gift, I think.

See you soon.

Monday, 13 November 2017

A quick update

Hi lovely readers, just popping in quickly to say hello, life is busy busy but I’m no different to anyone else, am I?

It’s FREAKING hot today after a relatively cool start to the season change, we are still two weeks away from the official start of summer but the cover is off the pool already and two little girls have been using it a large amount already!  I have yet to bare my bikini yet (ha!) but you’ll all be pleased to know I did go for an early morning walk this morning and I have vowed to give up alcohol …. during the week.  (Relax, I’m nowhere near ready to give it up entirely!).  I was very clever a few years ago and lost a good chunk of weight and whilst I’m not back where I was when I was heavy (refuse to say the F word, it’s banned in our house) it’s been slipping back on all too easily.  I have it on good authority that I’ll be getting a fitbit for my birthday (I brought it for myself and wrapped it so it’ll be a BIG surprise when the girls give it to me!) so hopefully I can turn things around again.   I’m not blessed with will power so I hope this time sticks a bit.

But you’re not hear for fitness talk, you’re here for quilts, aren’t you?  I don’t have much to show you today but I did manage to prep and stitch two more Lucy blocks:

Photo 13-11-17, 10 44 27 am

Photo 13-11-17, 10 45 10 am

I need to get the other ones out and see what colours I need to do to make a balanced quilt.  I seem to go for blue, I don’t mean to but it’s turning that way.

Hope you’re all fit and well, and I shall pop in again soon!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Rose Festival 2017

One of my other hats is being involved with our annual Rose Festival, which is held every year in October.  I’m not involved as such, but turn up to help out when needed.  I was helping the ladies set up and let my eldest daughter go nuts with my iphone.  Enjoy!

Photo 19-10-17, 5 29 52 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 29 55 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 30 03 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 30 11 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 30 17 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 30 24 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 30 25 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 30 31 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 30 38 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 30 43 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 31 25 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 31 33 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 31 40 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 31 42 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 33 19 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 33 21 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 33 24 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 33 28 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 33 32 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 33 35 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 33 47 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 34 03 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 34 19 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 34 28 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 34 35 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 34 37 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 34 43 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 34 46 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 34 51 pmPhoto 19-10-17, 5 35 03 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 35 43 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 36 05 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 36 11 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 36 30 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 36 44 pm

Photo 19-10-17, 5 36 48 pm

I think the event was successful, it was a few weeks ago but everyone that passed through seemed to think it was well done.

I’ve been in my sewing room today, so I will have some sewing for you soon!  Yay!