Thursday, 21 July 2016

Finishing the flimsies

Hi lovely readers.

I’ve been sorting through the photo files on my laptop and found a flimsy that I hadn’t showed you.

You know how one thing leads to another?  I had a clean out of my UFO’s, trying to sort the ‘already started’ from the ‘Kits ready to go but not yet begun’.  I figure if I get all the ‘already started’ things finished, I could always sell the ‘Kits ready to go but not yet begun’ on Ebay or something if the need arose. 

By the way, have you seen this meme?


So….back to the story.

While I was sorting my UFO’s into two piles, I came across a stack of two inch squares.  Some had been pieced into pairs – perhaps I was doing leaders and enders?  I don’t know, I can’t recall.  So right there and then, I stitched those suckers into groups of five, and before I knew it, I had another flimsy!







I would have thrown those bits out, but instead I have now got another flimsy.  And I don’t mind it at all.  It’ll be on the pile of ‘quilts to be donated’ or something, but I that’s okay.  It might brighten someone’s day.

How’s your day been?  Bright and scrappy? 

Talk soon!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bright Shiny Stars–A Flimsy!

Hello lovely readers.

I had the glorious luxury on Tuesday of spending the whole day at our quilting group, and I managed to put a great big full stop at the end of this quilt:


I came home and yesterday, while the kids were playing minecraft all day happily playing outside in the fresh air all day, I managed to finish it!


Oh my points don’t line up too well there.


Do you want to see a big picture?


Not big enough?  Have I teased you enough?

Here you go.


I’m very pleased with it, and the little person who will end up with the quilt is also very pleased with it.  You can’t ask for more than that.

Now I have to wait for my long arm quilter to return from her jaunting around the planet so she can stitch it for me.

The weather is marginally (bee’s whisker) warmer today, and the children are at their grandparent’s house, and the housework is done enough (it’s never totally done) so I will slip away back into my sewing room and push on with it.

I hope your day is going well!

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Bright Shiny Stars

Hello lovely readers, I'm back again.

It's been so cold here, and it's school holidays also, and it's the perfect time to snuggle up and crochet on the lounge, which is exactly what I've been doing.  But I'm no Lucy from Attic24, and my crocheting isn't really worthy of a blog post, so I have little in the quilty area to show you.  I have also been knitting socks and I see a new favourite hobby coming up in my future.

I've been productive in my sewing room though.  You know how one little job leads to another not so big job and then that leads to a massive one?  Yeah, that's happening here at the moment.

I have a lovely pile of brights that I'm thoroughly enjoying right now, and I thought I'd try a bright, starry quilt.  So I made this block:

which looked really lovely.  My two daughters both hovered over it, both keen to have a new quilt that isn't pastelly and little girl like.  I've decided to give this one to the baby of the family, and she decided that it needed a border.  She's all of eight and knows her mind very much.

So I sashed around a block and had a look at it, and decided that yes, I did like that.  I decided that I would grab my homespun box (es) and find enough different fabrics to use.  

Well, the really big job that I mentioned?  I have three boxes of homespuns, and they are in such a mess I bit the bullet and have been ironing them all flat, and trying to sort them into the colours.  I have so many small offcuts that aren't any good for anything too big, so percolating in the back of my mind is an Amish scrap quilt (why is it that one good job always leads to more quilt designing in my head?)  Consequently the sewing room table is covered in homespuns and not much actual cutting has been going on.

I'm hopeful that I can reduce the whole three boxes into maybe two - that would be excellent!

I'm committed to put the borders on these blocks, which is what Madam wants, but when I laid all the blocks together on the design board, I really liked them in this way.  Much less work too.

However, being the good mother I am, I will make the quilt the way she likes it (which is really very nice anyway).

And that is my update for you, my lovely readers.  School holidays have just started and already we are complaining that 'we are boreddddd' - it's going to be a long two weeks!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Another Flimsy

How many posts do I start with that title?  I think I have too many flimsies!  Is there such a thing?

Anyway, I finished Allietaire.  Finally. 

I’m genuinely happy with my colour choices this time, and the fabrics are all pulled from my civil war box(es), and you wouldn’t have known that I took anything out of any of them.  Heaving, they are.

I spoke last time of the woofy borders, and I’m not sure how to fix that.  But overall, it’s an okay job considering all the bias edges I had to deal with.

And if, when I decide to quilt the thing, I decide I can’t live with the borders being woofy, I can always take them off and restitch them.  After I’ve turned into a super quilter because of my magic wand.

I can hope.

This monster is huge, and I couldn’t even photograph it properly.  I don’t think I’m going to make any large quilts anymore.  What will I do with them all?








So there you go, lovely readers.  You can see the woofiness right down the bottom there.  I’m going to have to redo them, I know it.

How’s your Allietaire going?  Are you finished yet? 

Monday, 27 June 2016

flying geese–what to do with them….

So the wayward blogger is back.  Once again I’ve disappeared off the planet, it seems.  The mojo (or lack of) is still happening, but hopefully it’s starting to make an appearance.  It makes blogging life hard when your blogging and quilting mojo have shot through.

But I have a finish!  And I’ve photographed it!  I’m winning today!


It’s really not the best of photos.  But the story is that I had some flying geese left over from another project, and really didn’t know what to do with them.  So they ended up being these blocks. 




Sometimes when I take a photo of a quilt I have finished (or a flimsy, should I say) it looks fabulous.  Sometimes, it really doesn’t.  This flimsy obviously needs lots of quilting to make it look its best.  But I have many other flimsies that I will quilt first.  Or at least think about quilting first.

In other news, it’s bitterly, bitterly cold.  And I’m loving every minute of it.  People complain a lot about the weather here.  We are either really hot (45 C) or really cold (8 or 9 C) and it seems there are people on either side who hate those extremes.  I admit, a 45 degree day is no good for anyone, but I love these cold, crisp, bright days.

I’ve managed to finally finish my Allietaire quilt, which I shall hopefully show you in the next few days.  I’ve let myself down with the borders on this one, and I don’t know why.  I’ve followed all the rules, and it’s still quite whoofy.  I can only put it down to the bias edges that Bonnie used on her outside triangles.  That and the fact that this quilt is enormous.  I keep saying that I won’t do another Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt but you and I both know that I will.  Of course I will.

So there you go, lovely readers – an update of sorts.  I trust you are keeping warm or cool and fit and well.  And I hope you’re having a quilty day!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Lucy Boston block two

I'm forcing myself to sit still and concentrate on my craft for a while.  I have time today to do just that so I've been playing around with my Lucy Boston block.

I'm blogging on my phone which is really hard edit wise so forgive the out of place photos.  I'm trying to work out which arrangement I like the most.

I think I'm going to go for the middle one.  What do you think?

You know, people (technology companies) seem to be determined to steer us away from traditional computers.  Maybe I'm just being an old fart but I really dislike doing anything on a tablet other than surfing and watching tv.  And don't get me started on this phone business.  How anyone can type on them is beyond me.

Bah humbug.  I'm going for block number two.  That's decided.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Technology Woes and Losing My Mojo

I've been absent again.

A number of things have happened the past few weeks.  

I'm flat chat, fully booked time wise right now.  I don't know where my day goes but it just goes and I collapse into bed, knowing that my to do list is no shorter than when I got out of bed that morning.

How do Supermum's do it all?   I wish I were super organised.

(as an aside, whenever I say in desperation to one child 'I'm NOT SUPERMUM!!', the baby of the family always pipes up 'I think you are! Bless her cotton socks).

I do work on three separate computers.  Two of them mine, one for work.  I have two computers because I have children who need access to the laptop for school and play, and anyone with children know you just can't keep anything nice.  So I have my lovely shiny laptop which is my own.  No sticky fingers, no downloaded apps I didn't approve.  The work computer won't play nicely with the home computer and the printer doesn't work on both computers and then I downloaded something on the new laptop which made all the proxy settings stop working and then I had to find out on another computer how to fix it and it was all very stressful...........and hours and hours of my day get sucked away.  

Deep breath.

I fixed the proxy setting thingie.  Crossed that off my mental checklist.

And somewhere, I have misplaced both my my blogging and my quilting mojo.  Do you know where I have put them?

I literally have nothing on the board to show you.  And nothing to talk about.  It's all Blah Ville here.

How do we shake the lack of mojo?  How do you shake it?  I'm sensing a serious declutter is on the cards, both physical and computerwise.  I suspect overloading has a lot to do with it.  There's stuff EVERYWHERE here, and there's so much digital distraction also.  I think I'm going to have to uninstall Pinterest.  There's a big, fat time suck there.  And even Facebook, or at the very least remove the quilting and knitting and crafting groups I belong to.  I am so easily distracted right now, and not enjoying sewing the projects I have started, and yet all the while drooling over the next ten I want to make that I've pinned somewhere.

So my quilting mojo is missing and it has taken my blogging mojo with it.

And that's the way things stand here.  

How about you?  Are you quilting up a storm or are you stuck in mud like me?

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

alphabuddies two

What do you do when you have too many blocks left over from one quilt? 

You make another!


I didn’t have enough blocks to make a whole ‘nother quilt like the one in the last post, and to be honest, who wants to make the same quilt twice?  But I did need to use these random panel blocks up and I knew once they went into the cupboard, they would most likely sit there for another ten years before I did anything with them.

So while I had the mess all out, I struck while the iron was hot (literally!  Hah!) and made another one.

I’m even less invested in this quilt than the last one, and I am quite prepared to actually finish this one and donate it way.  It should be giving someone small some pleasure, rather than sitting in a cupboard for years and years, don’t you agree?

In country news, it’s RAINING.  I literally cannot remember the last time it rained.  Needless to say, it is sorely needed and it’s been softly raining ALL DAY which is just blissful.  And it’s cool and crisp and wet, and perfect, perfect weather!  I won’t complain about the washing I forgot to take in.  It’s worth redoing a bunch of washing if we get some rain!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

A flimsy for you

I showed you yesterday (or was it the day before?) the start of my latest project.  It was a simple quilt panel, I had downloaded the pattern years ago and it was sitting there, taking up time, waiting for me to just get on with it.


It was easy enough to finish, and the results are lovely, I think.





IMG_8218 (2)

I’m not sure if I’ll finish this one yet or just leave it as a flimsy.  I have a few almost done quilts (what’s new?) that only need half an afternoon or so and they will be done, so perhaps I will do them. 

It’s been lovely May weather here.  We have those crisp autumn mornings that turn into the lovely, sunny days, and the leaves are slowly changing colour.  Though for some reason it’s not as colourful as previous years – perhaps the leaves have forgotten what time of year it is? 

I hope you’ve had a sunny, sewing day.