Tuesday, 28 March 2017

What I’m Working On

Hello lovely readers.

I’ve been working on a real hodge podge of things at the moment.  None of them are particular photo worthy but I’ll do my best to make this an interesting post!


Part of my bucket list is to do most of Quiltville’s scrap quilts.  I’ve been sewing these little blocks (chunky churn dashes) when I have some sewing machine time and they have stitched together beautifully.  I was determined to not purchase a single bit of fabric and I’m pleased to say I succeeded!


I’ll show you the whole thing tomorrow, I pieced a lovely piano key border which went on so easily – sometimes sewing works, doesn't  it?


Lovely quilt.  More tomorrow.


Our group is making a Lucy Boston quilt as a raffle quilt, and whilst the main blocks are done, we have 249002818 connector blocks to make before we can finish it.  I spent a long time kitting up the blocks for the group members to do their bit, and slowly but surely, I think it’s coming along.


It’s not much fun doing these blocks.  Not compared to the lovely main coloured ones.  But they need doing, and by kitting them up I can take them to ballet or netball and stitch while I wait.  Can I recommend that you do this step WHILST you do the fun blocks, and not leave them till the end?  Cause it’s BORING.


I made myself another Lucy Boston.  They are leaning towards pink/brown and I don’t want that to happen.  It’s funny how blocks go the way they want to go.  I’ll have to get someone else to pick out some fabrics for me, I can see if that works better.


And another lovely twisted hexagon to add to the pile.  I can do one in about ten minutes, so in a couple of hours ballet down time, I can get quite a few done.  But I’ve had to backburner this one, I’m too busy piecing the aforementioned Lucy Boston connectors.


And in something totally different, I’ve pulled out the Gloria Loughman I started so long ago.  I’m waiting to see if something hits me.  I’ve already taken the dots off, I decided I didn’t like them.

So that’s where I’m up to.  Hodge Podge.

Hope you’re all doing well, hope my readers in Far North Queensland are still coping – take care up there!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Jewel Box

Another flimsy done to show you.

IMG_9081Do you remember when the only quilts you knew how to make where the traditional ones?  Churn Dash, Pinwheels, and the classic jewel box?




This one stretches back so far.  I’m not even sure when I first made these blocks, but I know I made one whole quilt from these fabrics and had enough to make a second, smaller version.  This is what’s been sitting in my UFO box for years and years and years.

As with all my jobs, this one took an afternoon to be finished.  Might make a nice lap quilt for someone who needs it, I think.

Today is much cooler, after a week or two of hot, hot, HOT.  We had a late start to summer this year and we are certainly paying for it now.  I am patiently waiting for Autumn, which we are officially a month into now – but mother nature has other ideas!

I hope you’ve had time to sew today.  See you soon!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Deli Geese Quilt

Many moons ago I was participating in an online Block Of The Month via Pat Speth of Nickel Quilts. 

She had designed a new block set up – the Deli Geese blocks.  It looked different, and so of course I thought I must have a go at this!

I did my usual Suzie trick.  Went Gung Ho for a while, and it gradually petered out to nothing.

As part of my 2017 push to get stuff done, I’ve cut my losses, not made the whole set of blocks, but made enough to get a very nice quilt top out of it.








It was something I enjoyed while I was making the blocks and I’m glad that I’ve got it to a top stage.

Now I will think about what to do next with it.  Magically learn feather quilting and fill in all those big gaps, I think.

Yep.  That’s what I’ll do.

Have a lovely day!

Monday, 13 March 2017

A Rose By Any Other Name


Hello to you from a lovely, windy South Australia.  It’s been hot and muggy the past few days, and today we’ve woken up to a lovely cool breeze.  I’ve thrown all the windows open and the breeze is flowing beautifully through the house. 

I’ve been a finishing fiend these last few months.  I’ve really not started anything new, and I’ve been slowly crossing things off my list that have been half done.  I’ve not brought anything at all really, despite visiting Spotlight more than once.  I may have finally reached saturation point with my craft.  There is only so many quilts I can make, jumpers I can knit. 

Who would have thought I would have got to this point? Certainly not me!

The photo above was another one of those things.  A challenge entry for a quilt show that was held years ago.  Needless to say, I didn’t get to enter it into that challenge.  Turns out it needed only half an evening to machine quilt and bind the thing and it is done. 

So many little jobs that I put off.  I don’t know why I do that.  I think the logic with this one was that I was going to hand quilt it.  So it sat there for years, waiting for me to have the time to sit and hand quilt it.  For what purpose?  To sit in a bag for years later?

Nope.  Machine quilted it and it’s done.  As to what happens with it now, I don’t know. 

We are currently halfway through a public holiday.  No time for me to sew today, I’m taking the opportunity to get my jobs done.  Big week this week for us (sigh… aren’t they all?).  Two funerals, a half day volunteering at a charity shop, an all day sewing day (looking forward to that one!).  Baby daughter has to be at school at 7.00 am for a school excursion tomorrow – bags need packing, stuff needs organising. 

Whenever someone asks me, as a ‘non working mother’ what I do all day, this is what I do all day!  Ferrying one person to one place, another to another place.  And because I am a ‘non working parent’, I’m the one who gets to go to all the school excursions, to volunteer in the canteen, to walk the kids to sporting activities as supervision, because ‘I have nothing much else to do’.   Eldest daughter volunteered me for something at school the other day, and to quote her ‘All the other mums have jobs, so they can’t do it.  You don’t work, so you have time!’.  Ouch.

Perhaps I need to go on strike at home to show her how much ‘not working’ I do around here.

I’m not complaining (much).  I wouldn’t swap my busy life for anything.  It’s not the work so much as the remembering that makes me tired.  Remembering who needs to be where and with what supplies and what time to we have to leave and did you remember to pack this/that/the other.  Worn Out!  My hat goes off to those working mums who have to do all what I do AND work.  I’m exhausted, I can’t imagine how tired those mums must be.

Anyway.  Not quite sure how I ended up on this tangent!   I shall move along, continue with my jobs, and hopefully have a clear head for my all day sewing day tomorrow.

Have a lovely one!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Bright Shiny Stars









Hello lovely readers.

I’ve been a busy beaver the last few days but sadly not much to show you.  I keep saying I’ll get to these things ‘when life slows down’ but it’s not looking like that’s going to happen any time soon!

I showed you a few weeks ago the starry blocks I made – after I gave away the first starry quilt I decided I couldn’t live without it so I made another, slightly bigger one.  I love the cheeriness of it. 

It’s just a flimsy now but I hope to steal my mother’s long arm machine and have a lesson on how to use it – this will be the quilt I use, I think.

Have a happy day!

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Rainbow Quilt

As I told you the other day, I made my eldest daughter a quilt for Christmas.

I’m nothing if not fair and even with the children (I hope) so obviously I needed to make the smaller child a quilt also.

She’s always been into rainbows, bright cheery colour explosions.  Her dress sense is – well – unique – to put it the best way and she doesn’t give a you know what how other people see her. 

So when I saw this tutorial online I thought it was the perfect quilt for a rainbow child.

I had to order the jelly rolls in (nowhere sells Rainbow jell rolls anywhere!) but even with that cost it still worked out a pretty cheap quilt.

So what do you think?










Mother quilted it in a swirly design which I think worked really well on such a straight quilt.  Kinda cuts through the straightness of it.

I’m very pleased with it.  It is a really quick, (if a little cumbersome) quilt to make and apart from keeping your wits about you in terms of colour placement (it’s very easy to stitch the wrong row on) I found it really easy.

So if you’re in possession of two jelly rolls you can’t decide what to do with, this is a great idea.

Hope you like it.  She loved it.  She loves anything rainbows.  And being eight – well, she’s not twelve, if that makes sense!   I have a couple more years of exuberance to go yet!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

An overdue post about Christmas gifts

Hi lovely readers.

I’ve been sitting on this half done post since Christmas, and have finally managed to take a ‘tadah’ photo of the finished item for you.


Some time ago, mid last year we took the girls to the Flinders Ranges for a holiday.  Amazingly, in a town of 200 people we managed to find a quilt show.


Considering there were only 200 people in this tiny town, it was a very nice little show which had more than a few lovely quilts and a very large trading table.  I’m assuming you ladies who live overseas have trading tables?  Everyone makes stuff and sells it in the hope of raising funds for your local groups who need them?

We used to have them outside our local supermarket (Eudunda Farmers – remember them?) and I remember as a little girl just loving them.  You could always get some truly excellent cakes from them.  They’ve fallen by the wayside in the larger community now, all the councils are too tied up with red tape and public liability.

But I remember them!


Anyway, eldest daughter took a real shine to one particular quilt on display.  I took a photo and promptly forgot about it until a few months later when I found it on my camera.


Now, I don’t know about you but as children get older, they get very difficult to buy for.  Our kids are very lucky, they have a big family who spoil them rotten (and truth be told, I think their mother might spoil them too) and they literally want for nothing.  Short of buying my daughter an Iphone for Christmas (the one thing she truly wants with all her little heart), I could think of nothing at all to give her.  And over my cold dead body is she getting an Iphone any time soon.  

When I found this quilt picture on my phone, I knew straight away that it would make a great gift.  As much as I love the fairy quilt in her bedroom, she keeps reminding me ‘that she’s twelve now, mother’ and would like the fairy quilt removed from the wall.


So that’s what I did.  I worked my butt off, and worked so far out of my comfort zone, but I made her a lovely quilt for Christmas.













It was so far out of my comfort zone it wasn’t funny.  The colours are not my choice (she LOVES them).  The design is so far left of anything I’d ever do myself I found it really difficult (nothing is balanced!  Things have different measurements!  It’s not symmetrical!!!!)

Once I finished it, I gave it to my mother to quilt and she’s done a very lovely job.

So sitting up till very late once my daughter had gone to bed and stitching down the binding was one of the last jobs I did before Christmas day (don’t we all do that at some time or other??).  I am very pleased with it, especially as an exercise of working with patterns that don’t follow your particular likes or comfort. 

She says ‘it’s a nice quilt, mum’ – which wasn’t quite the reaction I was hoping for but since Christmas she has been asking when I can put it on her wall, so I guess in ‘tween’ speak that means she likes it.  Who knows?  They are a mystery to me, these children of mine!

(and to be fair, it’s like giving coal to coalmen – my girls have so many quilts).

So there you go.  The story of one Christmas Quilt.  I’ll show you the other one tomorrow (and that one was WAY in my comfort zone and I loved every minute of making it!)

Have a happy quilting day!