Saturday, 1 February 2020

032 Another Flimsy - Blue Yellow Aldi Quilt

I showed you some time ago my lovely blue and grey quilt that I made from Aldi fabrics.  I had enough left over to make another, though I left the hearts off.  

It's a lovely, simple quilt I think.  And one I might make more of.  It's ideal as a giveaway quilt, easy but not tacky.  I hate tacky quilts, or ones that look like 'the homeless might like it'....if you can't do your best, don't give it away.  That's my motto.  Which is why I have so many crap quilts in the cupboard.

It's a hot one today.  The children are already exhausted from being back at school, and I'm exhausted by trying to get the house back in order (still going!!).  But a few early nights will sort us all out, with luck.

Hope your day is quilty!


  1. Love your Aldi quilt, was not aware that Aldi sold fabrics. Lovely colour range. Hope it's cooler for you today, the cool change is here this morning after another hot night, and we have been blessed with lovely rain for the garden.

  2. Hi Jude, it's so stinking HUMID here now (but I'm not complaining, we have had ten mls today which was so needed). The Aldi stuff is hit and miss, the quality is lovely but you only get them sporadically when they do a craft line. Hope you're doing well too!