Monday, 10 February 2020

041 Lucy Boston Update

I really like this Lucy Boston.  I didn't think the yellows would work but it really does when you put it up on the design wall.

I've had a busy weekend, which is nothing new.  I do the computer work for a local church, and we have recently had a loss there, which means I have to do the service order that we hand out to those who attend the funeral.  It's a big deal, I want it to be just right so that the family don't have to worry about it.  But it means putting everything else aside to work on it, and then it means spending my time at the church office waiting for the world's dumbest photocopier/printer to do its thing (insanely slow and I can't leave it as it jams).

But I like to help those families when I can, so that's today's job.

Everyone is back into their routines today, which is great.  One of these days, I hope at least, I will be able to actually switch the sewing machine on and stitch with it!  Poor, neglected machine.

I do force myself to sit each night and do SOMETHING crafty.  Either Lucy blocks or a crochet square or something.  ANYTHING.  And whilst I can't devote the time I want to spend in my sewing room, at least I'm slowly getting something done.

Hope your weekend went well, see you soon!

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