Friday, 21 February 2020

052 - Walking Around Adelaide

Sometimes, we go to our state capital - Adelaide and stay for a few days.  We always choose to stay right in the city square, rather than have to fight with the traffic we just drive in to our destination, park the car and then take public transport where we need to.

Adelaide's a smaller city, and the main city block is easy enough to walk.  We have got into the habit of going out for a meal, and then walking off our full bellies afterwards.  I snapped some pictures down the 'posh end' of Adelaide, so please enjoy!

These are the posher houses around East/South Terrace end of Adelaide.  Big and spacious and horribly expensive, no doubt.  There are smaller cottages further in, and when I have my camera next I'll take some of those to show you.

I love Adelaide.  It's wonderful, not too big, not too dangerous, everything you need is there.  Just the right size and space.

Happy quilting!


  1. on my travel the stain glass door and the mural is beautiful...wouldn't mind a peek inside some of those homes. thank you for sharing

    1. I'd love to go inside too! Though I get a little depressed when the inside is completley brand new and doesn't reflect the age of the building....but I guess we live in a modern world and things need to be updated too...thanks for commenting!