Friday, 7 February 2020

037 Photo Day - Victor Harbour

We were lucky enough to spend some time in Adelaide a few weeks ago, and like so many before us, we took a day trip to Victor Harbour.

Victor Harbour is a small(ish) town on the coast about an hour from Adelaide.  It used to be smaller but now is becoming a bit busier, but some still call it God's Waiting Room (not me, of course!).

It's been years since I have been.  DH and I went before we were married.  Funny story - he swore blind that we hadn't been as a couple, and I knew we had but I just couldn't quite remember when.  Then it came back to me - I had made him drive me there from Adelaide so I could visit the local quilt shop, and when we got there it was closed.  He remembered after that.

Victor Harbour is, as I said, a small town on the coast.  It also has an island very close by, joined by a jetty causeway, and every day a horse drawn carriage (above) takes people across.  We chose to walk, but watched a few times as the lovely horses walked by.  

Granite Island is way more impressive than I remember.  It's such a pretty place, and is famous locally for its penguin colony.  We didn't see any penguins, just lots of tourists.  Which I guess is a good thing, I'm not sure Victor Harbour offers much in the way of income rather than the tourist trade.  

We've always made a point of travelling interstate for our holidays, and that's great because Australia is so massive and there is so much to see, but it's also really nice to take little jaunts locally too.  South Australia really is a lovely place, and I love getting out and about.

That's it for today!  Hope your day is going well for you!