Saturday, 21 October 2017

show travels part three

I have one final post to show you from our recent Show outing.  These speak for themselves, really.  People are clever.

Photo 2-10-17, 1 51 18 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 1 52 47 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 1 53 05 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 1 53 24 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 1 59 57 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 2 06 18 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 2 06 27 pm (1)

Photo 2-10-17, 2 06 27 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 2 06 49 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 2 07 14 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 2 07 45 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 2 08 19 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 2 08 59 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 2 09 25 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 2 09 31 pm

I’m out tootling about today, such is my busy life (sitting in the car at ballet) so hopefully I’ll be able to get some handpiecing done that I can share with you!

Take care!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Actually finishing a quilt

Photo 18-10-17, 2 44 47 pm

Photo 18-10-17, 2 44 41 pm

I’ve had a clearish day today, and I used it to (shock horror!) get a quilt ready for binding!  This is my Chunky Churn Dash from Bonnie and we have a quilt show coming up and out of all the quilts I’ve finished this year, this is the one that I’ll be putting in our quilt show next weekend.

I plan to use my good camera to take lots of lovely photos, but I’ve just discovered that it’s not working very well (long story very short, I faceplanted while on holidays and was very proud of myself that I didn’t crack the lens, but what I did manage to do was ensure grit got into the workings of it and now my $600 camera is being a toad).  So cross your fingers that it decides to be friendly or else you may have some bad photos from my camera!

Hope your day is going well, I’ll see you soon!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A flimsy to show you

I’m not sure if you have seen this quilt before – I’m sorting out photos and I can’t remember!  Is that old age catching up with me?










It was from a Barbara Brackman blog – another one of those ‘make a block a week’ sites that I followed for a few weeks and then gave up.  I’m determined not to start another one  Remind me, if I forgot?

Made but a teeny dent in my fabric box. 

Hope you’re all having a lovely day.  It’s hot as hot here – good strawberry ripening weather.  It’s meant to rain tomorrow, can’t see that happening but we live in hope!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Some more show action

Before I went away, we slipped over to the next town’s annual show.  I showed you a picture of two, but I’ve found a whole heap more that I thought I’d share.

Photo 2-10-17, 11 21 59 am

Apparently they do wood chopping championships here!  I did not know that.

Photo 2-10-17, 11 22 01 am

These fellows were very, very good at not falling off from their little perch.

Photo 2-10-17, 11 29 05 am

Once again, I was thrilled to see the many, many varieties of chickens on show.

Photo 2-10-17, 11 30 30 am

This guy = have you ever seen such a smooshy chicken face?

Photo 2-10-17, 11 30 34 am

He’s obviously some sort of fancy schmancy rooster given the hoity toity look he was throwing me. 

Photo 2-10-17, 11 32 06 am

This guy was gorgeous.  We lost our silky bantam rooster this year – he was failing but I did think he was a very sweet guy.  I keep thinking I should get another one, but I haven’t yet. 

Photo 2-10-17, 11 35 01 am

My girls dubbed this one Albert.  As in Einstein.

Photo 2-10-17, 11 35 11 am

Suits him, I think.

Photo 2-10-17, 1 46 28 pm

Our region has a very large Orchid community and they always put on an excellent show.

Photo 2-10-17, 1 46 47 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 1 47 03 pm

Ooops.  Not an orchid.  But fairly impressive, nonetheless.  Can you imagine using this one as a cushion?  Oh goodness.

Photo 2-10-17, 1 47 18 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 1 47 22 pm

Rows and rows of orchids.  They were all very pretty but I’m never going to try growing them.  I haven’t the time or the green thumb.

Photo 2-10-17, 1 47 43 pm

Bonsai however, that would be something I’d love to get involved in.  I’ve always loved the bonsai look. 

Photo 2-10-17, 1 47 51 pm

My skill level here is worse than orchid growing, so perhaps it’ll be just another pipe dream.

Photo 2-10-17, 1 48 07 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 1 48 36 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 1 49 14 pm

Told you there were many orchids.

Photo 2-10-17, 1 49 30 pm

Photo 2-10-17, 1 49 54 pm

Jams.  Chutneys.  Sauces.  One day I’ll enter something.  I can actually DO chutney.  Jam, not so much.

Photo 2-10-17, 1 50 16 pm

And one final orchid photo to show you.  I’ve more show posts to share, but don’t want to overload you.

I have a child free house today, and after two weeks of school holidays I’m not really sure what to do with it.  I should be doing housework.  The girls had taken over my sewing room to do their craft and before I even try to sew I’m going to have to clean it up.

So I should get started, I think. 

Bye for now!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Eye Spy Quilt

Ready for some quilt photos on this, an actual quilt blog?  I have a finish to show you.


Right smack dab in the middle of school holidays, and I’ve not had much time for extended sewing.  I did manage to put the final stitches in this Eye Spy quilt I’d been working on.


It was based on some quilt somewhere I saw on the internet.  They didn’t do it as an Eye Spy, but I had a big bag of them and I thought they would work well for it.


Yes and no.  The pattern is lovely as a scrap one, but it’s really not a good way of showing those Eye Spy fabrics.


So all in all a very nice quilt.  Will I make that pattern again?  I don’t know.  It’s got a lot of those ‘stitch half a seam, sew the other seams, go back and stitch the rest of the half seam’ in it and they did take some thinking about. 

In other news – back into the grind on Tuesday when the girls go back to school.  It’s my big girl’s final year at Primary School and to say I’m not happy is an understatement! (I’m joking – kinda – it’s such a bittersweet feeling watching my little babies turn into big girls).

But it is what it is, I guess. 

Hope you’re having a lovely, quilty day.