Monday, 24 February 2020

055 Crochet Update

You may remember me previously showing you the afghan I made from leftover yarn.

This yarn is its own ply, and I can't mix it with other yarn I have, so in an effort to make sure it's all used up, I did more afghan blocks.

Some of the ends are sewn in, the remainder I am slowly working on.  Then I need to sew it all together, and then I need to order MORE black to finish crocheting around the outside.  When it's done completely, I'll show you.

When we worked in a wool shop, people were forever coming in so that they could buy a little more yarn to use up the yarn they had leftover.  And it NEVER happened.  People never ever get to the end of their yarn pile.  You would think I would have learned that by now.

It's cooled down a little, and we have only had one or two dusty days, thankfully.  The drift of soil is amazing, nothing I've ever seen before.  Like big mountains of snow by the side of the road, only it's red soil.  I remember my Nanna telling me about dust storms when she was a child, I guess they are nothing new but they certainly are new to me!  

And no more rain, but the rain we had a few weeks ago has caused some tiny shoots of green to come through the red dirt, so that's a plus.

Hope you're having an excellent day.  Talk soon!

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