Tuesday 21 August 2018

knitting show and tell

Photo 13-7-18, 4 09 26 pmSometimes when I am sick of the ballet project hexagons, I like to do something mindless, like knitting.

I’ve got so many odd balls of wool, and I’ve found that two 50 gram balls will make a matinee jacket. 

So that’s what I’ve been doing, at night or in the car while waiting and waiting and waiting for ballet to end.

Photo 13-7-18, 4 09 29 pm

Photo 13-7-18, 4 09 55 pm

Photo 13-7-18, 4 10 21 pm

Photo 13-7-18, 4 11 03 pm

Photo 13-7-18, 4 11 31 pm

I’ve got an enormous pile of matinee jacket packets from my years as a wool shop owner, and some I’ve made more than once, like the orange one on the top photo, to the one down the bottom here. 

As I knit them, I add them to the bag that will be donated to someone.  I hope someone likes them.  We do these things for ‘charity’ and who knows if ‘charity’ wants them?

Hope you’re having a good day.  Things are fine, I have one sick child home yesterday and today but the good news is NETBALL IS FINISHED!! So I have one less place that I need to sit and wait. 

See you soon!

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  1. I am in love with your knitted sweaters, they are beautiful. You call them matinee jackets but are they baby/child items. I don't know what the term matinee jackets means.great work!!