Sunday, 10 June 2018

A finish, finally!

Some time ago I started a scrap star quilt from leftover reproduction fabrics.  It sewed together really well and I was more than a little in love with it.

Photo 10-6-18, 9 04 44 am

At the same time the need for a new bed quilt was very apparent.  Our old bed quilt has been there since before my dad died, and he’s been gone nearly twenty years.  So it was time.

Photo 10-6-18, 9 04 33 am

I decided that this quilt would be the new bed quilt.

Photo 10-6-18, 9 04 29 am

So last night I finished the hours of binding stitching and it’s done!  And it’s on!

Photo 10-6-18, 9 08 29 am

And it’s not big enough!

It’s fine, it’ll be just fine.  We’ve had the bed ten years and it’s a total dud, so in a fit of money spending I brought a new bedroom setting, and that arrives in a month or two.  I’m hopeful it’ll fit perfectly!

The quilt on the wall you’ll recognise too.  I’ve been trying hard to ‘style’ my house more so it looks like grown ups live here, rather than the ‘we moved in when the baby was a week old and never did any styling at all we were just trying to get through our days as best we could’ type of styling we’ve been living with. 

I spent a long time hanging pictures and moving old furniture around, and it’s looking very nice.  Room by room is the key.

Photo 10-6-18, 9 04 24 am

I laid the quilt on the lounge room floor last night after I finished the binding.  You know you’ve made a great quilt when it’s perfectly flat, no woofy-ness on any of the borders.  I didn’t do anything different this time, I don’t know why this one worked better than the others, but it’s not woofy at all.  It’s a good quilt.

Have a great day.