Thursday, 29 March 2018

A final update on THAT quilt

I love the internet.

It’s brilliant for instant information, for making friends, for inspiration. 


Once you put something out there, it’s gone forever from your own personal grasp.  You have no control over it.

It’s been like that with THAT quilt.

from my post here:

I put it on my blog, I also put it on pinterest.  It wouldn’t have mattered if it wasn’t me that put it on pinterest, someone else would have eventually.

So now there are lots of people sharing this quilt online through various ways.  And without fail, every single day, I get at least half a dozen emails about it.

So here’s a final (probably blunt and probably rude) update on that quilt:

  • Yes, it’s lovely. 
  • It is not my design.  It came from an Australian website called  You can order it directly from them.
  • I can’t send it to you. 
  • I can’t scan it for you and send it to you.
  • I can’t give you permission for you to scan it, use it, violate its copyright.  It’s not my pattern.   And I wouldn’t anyway.  Because copyright.
  • I’m not sending you the pattern I purchased.  I brought that with my own money. 
  • You can’t send me the money and let me order it for you.
  • I can’t deal with the company on your behalf.  If they are a terrible company to deal with, or don’t return emails, or don’t accept your type of payment – I can’t do anything about that.
  • It’s not my pattern.  I wish it was, I’d be rich by now.

I wish there was a way to go back and write on every single photo out there that respectfully, IT’S NOT MY PATTERN. But by now it’s been shared thousands of times.

I’ve directed hundreds (I’m sure it’s hundreds) of people to their website. 

I reckon half an hour a day of my time is spent returning emails about this blessed pattern.  I don’t have that half an hour to spare.  That half an hour is precious to me.  I could be sewing! 

Anyway.  Blunt, rude update.   We keep telling our kids that once a picture is out there, it no longer belongs to you.  Funny that it took a quilt photo to teach me that same lesson!

I love my readers, I love that you come here by choice to spend some time with me and see what I’ve been up to.   Writing posts like these isn’t something I like to do.

Have a lovely Easter.  I’m hoping to be able to sew a little over the break, so maybe I’ll have something to show you.



  1. I LOVE your response to all the posts about THAT quilt. Even though I'm sure the requests will continue because the quilt IS very cute, I will remember that you handled the situation with humor when I'm sure you want to chew nails and spit out tacks. :)

  2. I am not going to ask a single question. I will just say how great the quilt looks. It should inspire people to track down the pattern themselves!

    1. :) Thankyou. I didn't make this one, I'm actually yet to finish my own version of it.

  3. Thankyou so much - I don't want to be a crabby old lady (I'm too much of that 'in real life'.

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