Monday 4 December 2017

Dyeing to show you

Or is that dying to show you? 

My girls (one of them, at least) needs a disco costume for her school concert.  She found this picture:

Image result for disco costume tiedied

And after much consultation and negotiation, and design input, we have come up with this:

Photo 2-12-17, 5 41 45 pm

Trust me, it is a dress.  I’m not going to show you her in it, I’m not into showing the kids online if I can help it.  It was a white men’s teeshirt before we died it.  With a little help from the Dyeing Queen (Nanna) this is what they ended up with.  I think it’s amazing!

And because we had so much dye left over, we had a shot at another teeshirt, just for fun.

Photo 2-12-17, 5 40 30 pm

And my other daughter also had a go:

Photo 2-12-17, 5 41 11 pm

It’s amazing how different they all are – they both followed Nanna’s directions to the letter.  I think they look amazing! 


  1. They look great...but they remind me more of the 1960's than the 1980's.

    Oh boy, now I feel really old! LOL

    1. :) yeah, they are a little sixties, but we are doing ABBA disco from the early seventies so hopefully this works. Too late now! And it is just a kid's school concert - let's hope it all goes smoothly!

  2. These turned out really nice. I, especially, like the first one.