Monday, 13 November 2017

A quick update

Hi lovely readers, just popping in quickly to say hello, life is busy busy but I’m no different to anyone else, am I?

It’s FREAKING hot today after a relatively cool start to the season change, we are still two weeks away from the official start of summer but the cover is off the pool already and two little girls have been using it a large amount already!  I have yet to bare my bikini yet (ha!) but you’ll all be pleased to know I did go for an early morning walk this morning and I have vowed to give up alcohol …. during the week.  (Relax, I’m nowhere near ready to give it up entirely!).  I was very clever a few years ago and lost a good chunk of weight and whilst I’m not back where I was when I was heavy (refuse to say the F word, it’s banned in our house) it’s been slipping back on all too easily.  I have it on good authority that I’ll be getting a fitbit for my birthday (I brought it for myself and wrapped it so it’ll be a BIG surprise when the girls give it to me!) so hopefully I can turn things around again.   I’m not blessed with will power so I hope this time sticks a bit.

But you’re not hear for fitness talk, you’re here for quilts, aren’t you?  I don’t have much to show you today but I did manage to prep and stitch two more Lucy blocks:

Photo 13-11-17, 10 44 27 am

Photo 13-11-17, 10 45 10 am

I need to get the other ones out and see what colours I need to do to make a balanced quilt.  I seem to go for blue, I don’t mean to but it’s turning that way.

Hope you’re all fit and well, and I shall pop in again soon!


  1. Beautiful Lucy Boston blocks. I love your fabric choices. Great inspiration to work on my Lucy blocks.

  2. lovely Lucy blocks...........goodluck with the health and fitness.......little steps make big change..........