Saturday 2 September 2017

Blue, blue, blue

Hi lovely readers.

It’s a blue day today.  Not in mood but in quilts! 


I’ve made a bonus quilt from leftover half square triangles.  Found them in a bag somewhere.


And now, not only is it a top, it’s a quilt!


and it’s quilted by ME! 


So yay me!  I had a lesson on the long arm and it worked okay really.   I am not displeased at all!  It is really difficult to get a nice curve happening, and I’m in awe who can do such wonderful quilting on their quilts.  I’m sure I will be a functioning, and quite capable long armer, but never more than that and NEVER for other people


A long arm is most definitely the way to go if you have the space.  Or the mother that has one you can borrow for nothing. 

I hope you are well, safe and dry enough (especially if I have any Texas readers, my goodness me I feel for you!).  We are in the first week of spring and it’s most definitely arrived – it’s hot and windy, and tomorrow it’s going to rain. 

I don’t much like spring.

Take care everyone!