Wednesday 5 April 2017

Sunny Wednesday

We are finally in the lovely month of Autumn, and the days are lovely and sunny, crisp in the morning and glorious during the day.

I’ve been a busy little girl again, but aren’t we all?  I have been slipping into my sewing room when I have five minutes to myself and have managed to get some sewing done.  The best thing I ever did was plan my sewing room in the middle of the house, life can go on around me, I am involved and able to talk to people, share in their day, all the while sewing or cutting.  In other houses everyone seems to centre around the kitchen to chat – the girls know I’m in my sewing room so they spend their chatting time in there with me instead.

Our quilting group has gone back to basics in an effort to find things to do throughout the day.  We are all doing sampler quilts – each person has to design or supply a block for the group to make, then we go home and make it.  Mum’s block is the only one I’ve been able to make yet – and once again I’ve become aware that I have become lazy as a quilter.  I had to have a few goes at this block to get it to work, and then blocked it on the ironing mat to see if it would keep its size.  But it’s 12.5” now (all the way around!) and I think I can call it done.


(Pinned out on the very dirty ironing board cover to make sure it stays the right size)


and next to Mum’s block:


Amazing how different the blocks look when made from different colours, isn’t it?!

And just because it’s a sunny day, here’s some flowers I picked from our garden:



That’s all for today!  Have a great day!

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