Thursday 28 July 2016

Some quick show and tell

I do love getting emails from people out there who take the time to read my blog.  One email I received overnight was from Carol (hi Carol!) asking if I’d ever done a Double Wedding Ring from Aunt Grace fabrics.

Of course I have.  I have 3039049658 flimsies in the cupboard, why wouldn’t there be a double wedding ring?  And you know me and thirties prints!

I realised when I was thinking about this quilt that I had no photos of all of it.  It’s probably THE quilt I’m most proud of, the one that I would rescue if the house was on fire, and yet there would be no photographic proof of it if something did happen.

So I’ve fixed that problem.






IMG_8295Bear in mind it’s been folded in a cupboard for years and years, and I didn’t press it yet.  But I think it comes up fairly well.  It needs a really good press, I think.  But I don’t have time for that today.

I always surprise myself when I dig out the old quilts.  I did a really good job on this one.  And then I start thinking about the quilts I make now, and I don’t think I am getting better.  You’re supposed to get better as you get older, but I feel my skills are worse now than they have ever been.  I’m trying to sort that out in my head – trying to work out what it is that is making me be a crappier quilter technically now than I was before.  I think it’s the same old thing I’ve mentioned before – I start too many things and I rush them when I do it.  I need to slow down and enjoy the moment, the process rather than race through them when I have a minute here or there spare to sew.

Something I need to work at,  I think.

Anyway.  I’ll take a better photo later on, but for now, at least there’s proof I made the thing!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful quilt!!!

    1. Oh thankyou! I admit it needs both a good press and lots of quilting but I am proud of it!

  2. So lovely on those 30s prints, congratulations!!