Friday 18 December 2015


I won't go on about how hot it is.  Just know that it's Very. Hot.  And I am officially over it.

 The year has whooshed by and while I've often struggled with time to get things done, I am pleased with myself that for the most part, it's been a productive and quilty year for me.

Next year's word is Discipline.  I want to be a better, more accurate quilter, disciplined in slowing down, doing it properly the first time, being proud of everything I put out in the world.  Some of this year's work hasn't been brilliant, to be honest and I am not too proud of some of it.  So let's hope next year is a more Disciplined one.  I can try, at least.

I don't know if I've showed you this one before.  I suspect I showed you the workings of it but now it's a flimsy and while there's been no sewing, I thought you might like to see one from the vaults.

I am quietly pleased with this one. It's my own hand died fabric, and I can't for the life of me get my hand dies to be bright and joyful.  I tried and tried, and end up with lots and lots of very muted and soft colours, which are very pretty but not what I wanted.  So I have cut my losses, made this very nice quilt that number two daughter has already put her name on to use the fabric up, and I'll just BUY the hand died fabrics I need.  So there.

Hope you've had a great day!


  1. This one is really awesome! I love colors, so bright but tender! My writer from also loved this quilt!

  2. I so with you. I. Hate. the Heat!! Roll on April.
    The quilt is lovely. You may not have intended soft colours, but they are just so lovely.