Saturday 6 June 2015

A Finish

Hello lovely readers.

It is me, she with the cotton wool head. 

My cold is still there, hanging on for dear life despite the drugs I am throwing at it.  But it’s fine – it’s slowly, gradually leaving the building, as they say.

I managed to sew yesterday while the house was quiet and I have another flimsy to show you.







The close ups give a much better idea of the colour – I’m still struggling with photography – my aim is to replicate as much as possible the original colour of the quilts I make.  Some days are better than others.

It’s a BIG quilt, and it’s stretchy as all get go.  After deciding I didn’t need to press it, I really did and spent much time unpicking and pressing and trimming back to get it all to go together.  I do like it, but I think if I made another one I would pay more attention the the colour placement, and try and highlight the centre squares.  And perhaps I would limit the amount of fabrics in it. 

But I doubt I’ll do another one.

Still it was a good exercise in quilting, and I must admit that as far as quilts go it was a quickie.  So it’s all good.

Now I’m going to take my cotton wool head and have some hot soup and maybe curl in front of the tellie with a movie and some knitting – it’s about all I feel up to right now.

Hope you have a lovely day!



  1. what is the name of this pattern? It's really neat!

  2. what is the name of this pattern? It's really neat!

  3. Hi Andrea.. A few posts down I linked to the tutorial. Glad you liked it!

  4. Looks good, well done, I love your colours.