Monday 27 April 2015

I'm back, and some lozenges to share...

I really do apologise for the quality of these pictures.

I'm not sure just how to take non-shaky pictures with my Ipod.  So much to learn there.

So I've dropped off the planet again.  Sorry about that.  I have the head cold from hell (still) and it's not showing any sign of leaving my body.  The reason I have the head cold from hell is that I told someone the other day 'we've not been sick for ages.....' and you know what the universe thinks about a bragger, don't you?!

I've been sewing when I can, and I decided to try Bonnie Hunter's leader and ender challenge - the lozenge.

It's an interesting block really.  It has lots of stretch in it due to the bias, which worked for me.  I could make most of my points match quite easily.  The colours are not too much to my liking, but I have this bag of fabric left over from the shop days and I'm determined to use them up, hence this new quilt.

Of course while we say we are going to use all our fabrics in these scrap quilts, the actual amount of fabric used was really very small.  I suspect there will be a few more scrap quilts made from this bag of fabric before it all gets used up.

In other news - the children go back to school tomorrow (yay....). I've loved having them home this time, they are good kids and play so well together.  But it'll be nice to have some quiet time and maybe even a chance to have some naps.  Maybe then I can kick this cold to the curb.

So hopefully all is well in your neck of the woods, and hopefully I shall be a better blogger in the next few months.

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love these lozenge quilts, I have a made a couple..thinking lately I want to make another...very nice!

    1. Thanks, Julianne - I've got so many left over I will have to make more to finish a smaller one, I think.

  2. I think a cousin of your cold has come to live with me. :-(

    I love your lozenge quilt ... while the colors may not be to your liking, I think that altogether they're creating a delightful, cheerful quilt.

  3. Thank you, Kathy...I was pleasantly surprised with the over all result. Hope you're feeling better, my cold is very much still here.