Monday, 22 December 2014

Grand Illusion Parts Two and Three

Just tell me again, who starts a mystery quilt, a BIG mystery quilt this close to Christmas?  I must be mental.  Don’t let me do this next year.

It’s been bedlam here the last few weeks, and tonight was going to be no better.  We had another Christmas party to attend, but when I went to gather the various children (we have an extra one here at the moment) my youngest was fast asleep on her bed.  Poor little mite has been pretty teary all day, a sure sign she’s burnt too much midnight oil.  Plus running ragged, swimming, riding her bike – we forget how little she really is.  So I’ve stayed home with her while she sleeps and the husband has taken the other two out.  I must admit to being slightly pleased that I have an extra, unplanned few hours up my sleeve, though the party would have been great fun.

So rather than squander my time alone, I’ve (somewhat) organised the Grand Illusion steps.

Step one is done, finished that within the first week.  Yay me.

Step two is – well, see for yourself:




Far from finished, is what it is.  Far from finished

Step three is done:



Step four?  Just a glint on the horizon at present.

Part of my problem (apart from there not being enough hours in my day) is that I haven’t near enough fabric.  I’ve been frugal with my cutting, but I really don’t think I’ve anywhere near enough to finish the next few steps which means I’ll have to buy some.  I know I had the right amount of yardage before I started – maybe there was a mistake in the tallying up, maybe Bonnie underestimated?  Who knows.  But I need more fabric which I’m a little miffed about because I really didn’t want to buy any more.

But such is life.  I’ve come to a grinding halt with this quilt until I purchase more fabric, and I guess I will have to do that online because there are very few fabric places I can go to around here.  So I think I’ll have to shelve this quilt for a couple of weeks at least.

I’m praying that I’ll have enough black fabric to finish it, because that was the one fabric I was a little bit nervous about before beginning.

So, lovely readers, that is my update.  I doubt I’ll be back on before Christmas, so I wish you all a wonderful, happy day.  I’ve really enjoyed blogging this past year, and my only regret is that I didn’t do more of it.  Next year I hope to find my groove with blogging a little more, and already I have a few things in mind that I might be able to share on the blog, to make it more interesting.  But hey – I promised that at the start of 2014, which I know was only about six months ago!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk soon!


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