Friday 24 October 2014

Bad Bad Blogger!

Bad, bad, blogger.  

No excuses for the lack of posts, except to say that I have been extraordinarily busy, and sadly - this poor little blog has borne the brunt of it.  

Such a busy time of year!  School holidays!  Rose Week!  Local Shows!  So much happens this time of year, and it's only today that I've managed to catch my breath.

But I have pictures!

You may recall that last year our quilting group held its local quilt show in our Rose Week Festival.  It's a bi-annual show, so it wasn't on this year, but our group decided to hold a mini show out at our rooms.  

Somehow it went from being a few quilts and open on the weekend to quite a few quilts and open lots of days.  We are an evening group, which means lots of our ladies work during the day, so being open during the days poses a problem with volunteers.  Which means I spent a LOT of time there.

I took some photos -hope you enjoy them.

It's been hot, hot, hot here which meant all the roses in town bloomed spectacularly.  And that made our 20th Rose Week a real success.  One day I will do the gardens and take lots of lovely photos to share with you.  Perhaps next year.

In other news - yes, I will probably do Bonnie's latest mystery quilt because I have nothing else started (cough).  Are you doing it?  Are you sticking to her colours or trying something different?  Let me know!

Happy Quilting


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