Monday, 26 May 2014

Finishing Finishing Finishing

Oh I’ve been finishing stuff.

My husband has been working long hours and is getting home late, and so I get to sit in the sewing room after the children have gone to bed and not feel guilty that he’s in the lounge by himself (watching football, quite happily – why do we guilt ourselves into feeling we have to sit with him every minute of the day?  He doesn’t care, he’s happy)…

I digress.

I’ve been finishing off some of the messy blocks that needed to be made up into lovely quilts, and so I present my first ta-dah for the day.


One hundred percent made with scraps that come out of my ‘Bonnie Hunter Scrap System’ that I implemented on a very small scale a few months ago to see if it would work for me.  I’m pretty sure I can say it does!

The only rules I gave myself was that I had to have red chimneys, cream background and less busy outer borders of my cottages.  Everything else was as I pulled it out of the bag.


And I’m pretty happy with it, to be honest.  It was hands down one of the quickest quilts I’ve made.  It really went together very fast.


It was difficult to find a sashing and border that worked with everything, but I think I’ve compromised rather well.  It defeated the purpose of using my stash if I had to buy metreage for the outside borders, so I’m happy with my choice.


If you don’t recognise the pattern, it’s Bonnie’s Happy Scrappy Houses.  I’ve had my eye on it for ages but it looked a little complicated, but gee whiz, it was EASY.


And so, lovely readers – the first in one of my many finishes this week.  I’ll post more later.

Hope your weekend has been a quilty one.



  1. This is so stinkin cute, that I think I am going to have to clean out my scrap pile and make one myself! ;-)

  2. Thanks! I'm thinking I'm going to set myself a challenge and make every one of Bonnie's quilts.

    Well, it's a good thought, at least!