Thursday 6 March 2014

Tutorial Thursday

I’ve had a traumatic morning today with my two little ones.  It was school photo day, and the five year old was just not able to smile.  No amount of silly faces from Mum behind the (quite crabby, truth be told) photographer would help the situation and in the end she got so upset she started crying.


Big sigh.

We force our kids into stuff they don’t want to do and wonder why they cry.  I’ve got a whole cupboard of gorgeous, smiling photos from her, what’s the big deal with school photos?

Anyway.  Enough of that.  It was my longwinded way of saying because I’ve spent half my morning at the school with a fussy, upset child, I’ve nothing sewing-y to show you that I’ve made.  But I found the BEST tutorial for a split square type block.   If I link to it here, I won’t lose the bookmark in a sea of bookmarks for myself!  Killing two birds with one stone – you guys get to see a great tute, I get to save a great tute.  

So for my first :Tutorial Thursday

Please click over here at Squash House Quilts and see the very clever, yet very simple way she makes these perfect little units:


All put together look fabulous and a great way to get a nice, crisp block with no stuff ups!  I’ll definitely be making them later on.

Thanks for reading today!

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