Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Flowers…..

Thought I’d give you a break in quilting photos to show you the current display at my house.







When we built our house, part of our budget included landscaping costs for the front.  We have a very nice, albeit tailored front yard, with few flowers.

When moving my Nan to my aunties house in her later years, she dug up this ‘Red Hot Poker’ (haven’t a clue the correct name) and gave it to us.  The man of the house divided it in two and planted it, crossed his fingers, hoped for the best but expected the worst.  We don’t do fancy flowers, we are strictly an easy peasy garden.  Anything complicated seems to live a short life.

But these things are AMAZING.  They took off, and each year we get more flowers than the year before.  I’m trying to talk my husband into splitting them again and putting them elsewhere, so we’d have four plants rather than just the two, but he’s not keen.  He’s not sure we can get it right a second time!

So for now, I get to admire these two divine bushes.  Each time I drive up my driveway I see a brilliant flash of colour, and I’m constantly amazed that we managed to grow them!

Till tomorrow,



  1. Thanks! Great colours, it was such a lovely day I knew the pictures would turn out wonderfully.

    Thanks again