Friday 13 September 2013

Monsters Revealed

So you may remember my monsters a few posts ago?

I’ve finished!


I thoroughly enjoyed the making of it but I must admit, I had some angst in the setting of my blocks.


I had a picture in my head, and it just looked awful.


I had planned to cut a whole swag of 3” squares and sash them around the blocks.  But when it came down to it, it looked just toooooo bright.


I’d tried a few sashings, and the further I went on with it the more wrong it became. 


I must admit it doesn’t look so bad online, but the real life version was wayyyyyy too bright.

So I unpicked it all and sulked for a while.

Then I went over to the next town (150 kilometres away) where I could buy fabrics and I brought one fat quarter of each bright fabric plain I could find.

And then I sashed each block with a different colour.


And hey presto, it actually worked!


I have fallen totally in love with this quilt, and though my brother has asked for it for his son, I may not part with it.


It’s one of the few I’ve actually finished!


I think I probably will give it to my delicious six month old nephew for Christmas this year though, so I will have it for a few months.


It’s a bit difficult to see here, because I’ve artfully cropped out the exact part of the quilt I wanted to show you, but can you see the binding?  I couldn’t find a colour that matched how I wanted it to, so I sewed 3” strips together and made a matchy matchy one.  And it was a buggar of a thing to do (*scuse my language) but I think it was totally worth it.

So there you go, my dears.  A lovely new quilt.  I am quietly thrilled to bits with it.

Hope your quilting days are going well.



  1. You should be proud! This is a very cute quilt. The solid sashing really sets those 'scary' guys and gals off.

  2. They are SO cute. Your own pattern?

  3. Thanks so much :)

    It's my own pattern in as much as I designed the blocks and sashes, but the applique designs are not my own.


  4. The quilt looks amazing. The solids make the monsters pop! Looks lovely.

  5. I love it. The monsters are so cute and that binding is crazy! Very cool.

  6. Thanks so much, I was very pleased with it!


  7. Is this from a panel or did you use a pattern?

  8. Is this from a panel or did you use a pattern?

  9. Is this from a panel or did you use a pattern?

  10. I would really like a pattern for the monsters. How can I get them? Please, I love them!