Friday, 2 August 2013

Dear Jane–An Update

So don’t fall over in shock, but I managed to do a Dear Jane block today.  In fact, I managed to do two!


I managed to totally muck up the centre.  Who mucks up the centre?  It’s the first seam you sew!

What’s worse is that I didn’t realise I’d mucked up the centre until the end of the block.  And so it stays.  Mucked up or not!

I paper pieced it, and apart from a little hiccup or two in the outer border, I think she lines up well enough.  Apart from that quirky little centre.


Dog’s breakfast.

Probably a do over.  But I shall finish all my blocks before deciding that.  Maybe I’ll be so sick of the jolly thing that it’ll stay in.  Maybe it’ll be a testament to my applique skills how more improved I became. 

Don’t know yet.  This one is called Ever After.  It’s supposed to be reverse appliqued but that version was even worse than this one.  I do struggle with applique.  I seem to be struggling a lot with my quilting.  I think it’s a case of too much in my head, too much going on, too many projects started.  What’s that saying, Jack of all trades, master of none?  I need to STOP STARTING NEW STUFF.  I’m actually depressed at the amount of new stuff I have going. 

Do they do a reality show to help quilters who start too many new projects?  There should be one. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to paper piece the next block in Row A – I’ve only got three more blocks to do and then I’ll be able to say I’ve completed a whole row!  Go me!

Hope your Friday/Saturday is a good one.



  1. Finished but not perfect is still better than no blocks!
    Just keep going, you'll find that once they are all finished they won't look too bad in the whole, now you are just staring at the little imperfections.
    Have a nice weekend and don't give up

  2. Thanks, Esther!

    I know, the blocks look sooooo enormous when they are uploaded. But I really am quite secretly pleased with the overall look so far :)

    Thanks again