Tuesday 30 April 2013

13 years later, it’s now a quilt…

Or at least, a flimsy.


Were you one of those collectors like me who, wayyyyy back in 1999 collected a million squares from all over the world?  Were you planning on making a millennium quilt, so we could have something for posterity to mark the occasion?

Were you like me, in 2012, still with a box of squares you just didn’t know what to do with? 

I had a box like that.  Filled with 3” squares, which at the time seemed like a good size to swap.  But three inch squares aren’t a good size to work with, at least so I’ve found.  I’ve pulled that box out year after year waiting for the inspiration to hit me, and nothing ever did.  I know I could have made about a million half square triangles, but the thought of trimming them all just did me in. 

So this year, I decided – that’s IT!!  The little buggers are just going to be sewn into one huge postage stamp quilt.

And here it is.

It’s not my best work, though I did try very hard to make my points match.  But I like the overall look of it, and it sure screams scrappy.  Which is the aim.

I began by sewing squares together to form a rectangle:

IMG_1415 (2)

Then when I had made all my rectangles, I sewed them together into a width that was ‘long enough’. 

That was about six or so units.  I’ve lost count.  Oh, to be organised.


Then I had the problem of what to do with all the signature squares.  I could have randomly placed them throughout the top of the quilt but that idea only came to me after I’d sewn most of my rows together.  So I pieced them in with some left over squares and I decided I would use them on the back. 


Do you recognise your name?




I often wonder where the lives of these ladies have taken them in the last thirteen years. 

So that’s it.  Another flimsy bites the dust.  Another box out of the cupboard and stitched together. 






Till tomorrow,



  1. Te ha quedado espectacular, esta preciosa.
    Un beso.

  2. Love your quilt ,what a huge work.

  3. Thanks so much...I am glad to see it done!!

  4. You are an inspiration! I have boxes that old. Working on them, sometimes painfully slow. Love your quilt