Thursday, 28 February 2013

Have I shown you this yet?



Oh I don’t know if I have or not.  I found this picture in my drafts folder, so I assume I haven’t.  Somehow I’ve managed to disorganise my blog as much as I’ve disorganised the rest of my household and who knows where I’m up to??

But in case you haven’t seen it already, or if you’re new, or if I haven’t actually posted it before, this is (obviously) another one of my Grandmother’s Choice blocks.  Up close and personal its flaws are glaringly obvious, at least to me but overall it’s not too bad.  I’m really pleased with the overall effect of these blocks together.  I was going to choose a standard scrappy look, but at the last minute I decided to stick to Red/Green/Cream.  And so far it’s coming along beautifully.

This one is block number three, Union Square.  I chose to make mine more than one colour, again sticking with the red/greens.

I’ve made a few new blocks since my grand declaration of finishing it this year.  Technology is getting up my nose at the moment and the camera card is being a right princess, so I can’t transfer any photos over.  Makes blogging v.v. hard.

I shall perservere with it, and hopefully my very minor technical skills might fix the problem.  We can but try!

Till tomorrow,


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